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    If you had a system detecting all dropped domains in the world in realtime, how would you use it?

    Check them all out. First - you can't assume access to the sites original content these days. 1) Check those with high DA If high then that site gets two points 2) Check those where the domain name had strong keyword that's another point 3) Filter out those with crap content or content...
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    Is AdWords hard to learn ?

    The basics are pretty easy. The rest comes with practice (or a sub to a tool like Wordstream which does a lot of the grunt for you) The problem with Wordstream and Adroll is, they are damn expensive. Do the first couple of parts of the Google Ads certification process. It gives you the basics...
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    Google doesn't care about content anymore?

    I've seen this - and done similar myself. (Not exactly this but similar) Despite what the White Hat evangelists say you can earn big dollars today with websites like this. And there is nothing "short term" about it. There are website's in one of my niches that have ranked since 2007/8 with...
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    Best way to stop this...???

    Akismet free. Very simple to use.
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    Anyone can reccomend best traffic bot on the market?

    +1 for Somiibo. A brilliant tool if you want good traffic, likes, views and the rest of it to social media accounts. I think you can run 30 "campaigns" simultaneously and it's a reasonable price either monthly or annual subs. Get traffic, improve bounce rate, all sorts of lovely stuff. Custom...
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    Best Bots / Automation Tools of 2018-19

    Traffic bot is ok but there are paid services that are a lot better. Account creators. Again there are some great ones if you are talking about emails Igram her on BHW is very good. Search for it in the top bar. SEO tools. Ranker X, Money Robot, GSA SER, SeNuke, SEO Autopilot . They are all a...
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    Hello, Any one tried "seo autopilot pro" a link building tool !

    Errm - nothing fake about this account. For a start it predates yours by several years... But happy to remove the link if that upsets you. (link removed) :)
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    Hello, Any one tried "seo autopilot pro" a link building tool !

    This might seem a bit of a necro, but on the other hand starting a new thread with the same topic also seems a bit out of order The last time anyone on this thread, which seems to be the default info thread on BHW for this tool, updated it with the current status of SEO Autopilot was well over a...
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    Google kisses my ass nicely ;)

    New content Reconsideration request There is no other way really.
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    How to decrease Adsense CTR?

    Click through rate is a secondary condition to whether you get banned or not. A primary condition is the site you are sending it to, and whether the traffic you refer converts at roughly the expected rate FOR THEM If you are sending a lot of "dud" traffic to the Adwords (client side AdSense)...
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    What’s a recommended tool to use for mass emailing?

    Probably Interspire if you are doing this yourself Though getting someone here to mail for you if you are only going to mail a few times is often a good solution as well
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    Upgrading VPS hardware improve SERPs? Positive effect?

    Unless your page load time is terrible, this will have only marginal affect If your page load time is bad. Over 1500Ms to first byte and over 5000ms to full text load (cached images and JS might follow) then this will help. It depends where you are now. Chances are, if your site has decent...
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    Can I download Amazon images and reupload it on my review site?

    Brand images are fine. That's what they are there for. Done it for years with no come-back A disclaimer on your About Page "Many Images used for promotional purposes are manufacturers or distributors own images and are therefore used under fair use and with explicit benefit for the image...
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    Question About backlinks in different Languages

    Normally 100% fine The only time I've seen weak backlinks from other languages is if the language requires a different character set. So that's worth bearing in mind.
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    Just got a new location for business...

    Phone number is fine. Many business have multiple locations so nothing to worry about there. Inform your clients. I would then go on social media with an image of your new workspace. Promote it locally with $5 and 5Km radius Something like "mybusiness has moved. What do you think of our new...