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    How much does netflix and gamefly affiliate pay?

    How much does netflix and gamefly affiliate pay per paid signup? If they pay the affiliate more per signup than it actually costs to sign up, couldn't you just make a ton of fake accounts and bank $3-5 each time?
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    How much do you make email marketing?

    How big is your list, how often do you email them, and how much do you make per month?
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    Pay Per Call?

    I too would like some information on this. Anyone on BHW do this? I would setup my own PBX and spoof the number to get unlimited leads.
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    [Journey] Email list building to 10,000 email list. Current established marketer.

    I'm looking forward to your update today! Could you give us some advice that is similar to what you were given? I'm just about to get into internet marketing and your first sale on only day 4 got me really excited. Are you using Aweber? What did your marketing email look like? Do you intend on...
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    Program to hellp gather information

    If it'll make me money too I'll program it for you. What are the websites?
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    Noob? Don't know something? Write here! We will help You

    I'm trying to get into PPD, but I'm still unclear as to what the process is. The basics I get, I'm trying to have people do a survey and download a file. But I'm unclear as to how to go about doing it. I want to use youtube but what should I make a video of? Say I pick "dog training" niche...