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    Google guidelines

    How to know google guidlines, and webmaster guidelines.....
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    amazon SEO

    how to do amazon SEO, please anybody guide me.
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    SEO for amazon

    how to do SEO for amazon
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    on-page SEO

    how to do on-page seo with website
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    how do i remove my website's spammy links

    how may i remove my spammy links from my website
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    how may i remove backlinks from my site.....?

    what can I do to remove all spammy links from my website?
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    about seo phrases tactics

    how to make phrases in seo to submit off page SEO activities.
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    reffering domains dude
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    how to search backlinks from google....please help me.
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    business listing on google

    how to list my business on google
  11. P ads setup

    for what?
  12. P ads setup

    how to paste ads on websites.
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    Adsense domain compulsory?

    so what can i do for it....please explain me closely because I am new here in digital marketing....please.... i have just only knowledge of off-page seo.
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    Adsense domain compulsory?

    without any domain, may i use adsense.
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    website owner

    how to know who is the website owner.