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    Scammed $300 by @accountsdeal - aws

    Kindly report it to the mod, if you know he has one more account. He will definitely be banned from here!
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    Facebook Group

    Thank you guys for your quick response! But these remain unanswered Also I ask people to invite their friends in the group? And if they invite "N" number of members of friends I will Pin their topic for 3 days? (will this goes against FB policy?) Can I use FB paid ads for group invitation??
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    First fb campaign 27$ only 500clicks

    Target people which are relevant to you ads! Like I am into real estate I target people with families, those who are engaged, those who are doctors etc etc. Also I place my ads only for mobile, that too facebook feeds only. (As people only as i guess 90% people use FB on their mobile) It...
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    Facebook Group

    Hello Everyone, Long story short, Someone gifted me a FB group to me 1 week ago which has 4k member in it and increasing day by day! I want to grow the group to at least 30k-40k members. The group is a Local group wherein people post about their day to day needs like any suggestions about a...
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    Software for editing creatives for FB

    canva if u want photos and lil bit animation. invideo if u want video for your ads
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    Have you bought the Jio Phone costing INR 699

    PICS or it didn't happen!
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    Have you bought the Jio Phone costing INR 699

    Its my money, if I want to waste or not! For me my phone is an investment. Thank you for your advice, but giving salary of cousins dosen't make you any richer.
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    [GIVEAWAY] Personal Upgrade Grammarly 1 Yr accounts

    Can I have one if the offer is still available?
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    Ban the use of images in Market Place BST Title

    Atleast stars and Tick mark should be banned. A newbie coming to the site will think that this thread got a 5 star rating and make his decision.
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    Blocked Facebook Account - New account same payment card?

    My facebook account isnt even blocked but I am unable to add any payment method lol! I ordered 4 new credit cards but it gives me error that payment method isn't accepted lol. I have been complaining it to FB from past 3 months and they are looking into it (from past 3 months) lol! I am using my...
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    Should I run?

    Diet and exercise, walk and run at interval.
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    My cousin brother is making $$$$ but We don't know HOW ?

    follow him for a week and you will find what he is doing.
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    Seriously anyone see a Ghost, spirit or orb whatever before?

    There was no wind nothing, the grass there were STILL
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    Seriously anyone see a Ghost, spirit or orb whatever before?

    A building where I used to stay, its during rainy day and the grasses were grown (4-5 feet) in a garden where there was swings. Day one: A suicide took place near our building. Day two: Early morning when I woke up, I saw the swing was swinging (fast) and I doubt anyone will venture there at...