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    Advanced WordPress SEO Optimization

    One nice plugin for Wordpress SEO is a dashboard including your SERP rankings : wordpress . org/extend/plugins/myposeo-dashboard/screenshots/ It's really neat having my rankings directly in my wordpress interface.
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    Need a better rank checker

    What kind of issues do you have in mind ?
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    Need a better rank checker

    Hey, Shameless plug : you should give it a try to myposeo It's the leading professional Rank Checker in France, it's an online tool so 1) you don't get IP blacklisted/banned from Google 2) nothing to install, no wait, only daily results It's been released in english 2 months ago. Really...
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    Ranking Checker with API?

    Hi Spleteh, Shameless plug because I'm a employee, but our tool myposeo has every features you mention : - We have a free read-only API so you can pull data into your own app (btw we also have free addons for major CMS : Wordpress/Drupal/Joomla/Prestashop/...) - The rank checker works for more...
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    Michael from myposeo, the leading french rank checker

    Hey BHW, I'm Michael, 25 years old, I'm SEM manager at g4interactive, a french startup that built a professional rank checker named myposeo and we're also working hard to release a google France competitive analysis tool, both on SEA & SEO channels : SEMvisu, currently in beta. myposeo is a...