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    how to get my Wix site indexed?

    To index your Wix website, try some blog commenting and make some backlinks for your Wix website. This will definitely help you to do index your website on Wix. Or you can some paid link indexer to make it crawl faster. I personally recommend you the link indexer software, this will help you to...
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    Clients website stuck on 2nd page Google

    Try some new SEO strategies do some updates in your current strategy. The few steps I can suggest you are: ON-Page SEO Web 2.0 blogs Article Submission Classified (the good da pa sites of classified will indexed within 2 to 3 days) Email advertising solutions (to make the old customer delight...
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    having "no-follow" links on a page hurts your rankings?

    No, no-follow links don't harm the website's ranking and online image. They are counted as links, so for link building, it is not compulsory that you only need do-follow links, no-follow links also plays the same role for your website's ranking. And will help your website to grow faster.
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    How do i avoid the Google Penalty?

    You can save your website from the Google penalties by building the niche related links. You have to perform the on-page and off-page SEO techniques following the algorithm, in short, you have to do white-hat SEO for saving your blog or website from getting penalized.
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    Best Off Page SEO Techiques

    If you are asking about the best off-page technique of SEO then I must say "Guest blogging" or "Content Marketing" is the best technique for getting the high-quality links for the website or blog. You can refine the list of the guest blogging website's of your niche and can contribute your...
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    When to start backlinking to my website?

    You have to start making backlinks now! Because I think if your website is 1 month old then its already too late. Building backlinks don't harm your website's image even you did it from the beginning. But it is not also too late start making links from now and try to refine the list of the...
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    backlinks for homepage or inner pages

    Make the links for the homepage first, then after when your homepage will be indexed properly then make the links for your inner pages. This is the best strategy you can follow for making your website trustworthy online. You can also work in the ratio of the 70:30 (70 for the home page and 30...
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    Will the same theme affect the ranking?

    Same theme with different content will never bother your work. But I must say if you use the different theme which is unique will help you to get the ranking soon. Because sometimes people will confuse will the same theme and they thought this is the same website they have visited before. And...
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    Do site age matters ?

    Site age or Domain Authority is one of the important factors for the ranking on SERP of search engines. But also your work and backlinks matter a lot. You can beat the ranking of the old domains if your do the quality work for your website and can rank on 1st also if your strategy is good.
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    Does google sees translated content as duplicate?

    No, Google still didn't launch any update for that. The translated content doesn't counted as the copied or duplicate.
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    How can I get a quality backlink from quora?

    Answer with good content which must be informative and post with the intention of helping others. The good content with a link must give you the value. And don't try to insert links in the starting when you created new account make a good image and then insert some links with good quality content.
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    Articles with at least 100 pictures,to much ?

    It depends on the niche of your website. Lots of images in the content means sometime engageable and sometimes visitors enjoy the flow. And it depends on the niche like if you have the website which represents the movies screenshots or some memes or games Screenshots as well then it must be a...
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    SEO off page activity

    The off-page or off-site SEO is the primary tactic to get the rank on search engines organically. Even after a rank in search engine performing these activities means you will never lose you achieved rank and you are able to maintain your online presence. The off-page activities performed by the...
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    how many articles before linking on PBN

    You can create the backlink's on PBNs after 10 posts and can lead in the search engines by making the high-quality links for your website. The PBNs are known as the best rank leaders, you can easily get the rank using PBNs.
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    Tips for Building Strong Web 2.0s?

    To get the backlinks using web 2.0 blogs are very tricky and if you keep the consistency in the blog posting. You'll definitely get the backlinks and the articles will be fetched bt the search engine. Take care about the keywords. Do not stuff the keywords which you want to target, take care of...