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    [Journey] Make $125,000 in 24 hours through e-commerce

    You've got another follower for this amazing adventure. I also really like the design of your watches, would definitely buy one, even though you said it's not an advertising post.
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    Do you use expired web 2.0, or freshly created ones ?
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    GSA SER or Scrapebox ??

    I already own Scrapebox and have used it basically only for Tumblr scraping. What would your opinion be if I wanted to build basically only tier 2 links, to index and boost web 2.0s, edu&govs and other tier1 links. Would you recommend buying GSA SER or what about @loopline 's lists in...
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    Are cryptocurrencies a bubble?

    The other problem with PoS and PoC is that you need one or more "authorities" or minters / stakers or however a currency calls them. That's why I like the Tangle so much.
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    Are cryptocurrencies a bubble?

    ^ Exactly
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    Are cryptocurrencies a bubble?

    Well for that you have to define what exactly manipulation is. For me manipulation also is that some big news company or tv show talks about Bitcoin. So definitely media manipulaiton.
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    Are cryptocurrencies a bubble?

    I meant all cryptocurrencies, obviously I experiecned the insane price difference. For me this is just volatility and not a burst. Basically just media and starts who do market manipulation.
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    Are cryptocurrencies a bubble?

    Yeah but why? If all people tell you to jump off a skyscraper would you do it? Don't those people care about their money? Definitely most ICOs are scams, BitConnect was one example of this. When id burst in your opinion? And why is it not going anywhere?
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    Are cryptocurrencies a bubble?

    Hello BHW community, first of all thanks for being the best SEO community. I want to give something back for all the useful information provided by countless people. I wrote and academical paper about the topic cryptocurrencies for school ( if anyone is interested in the full ~ 20-page pdf...