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    [JOURNEY] Road to 1K $ a month with GOOGLE PLAY SPAM

    With internet and electric I need that deal
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    Get a free VPS from Microsoft AZURE for 365 DAYS & 100$ Credit

    worked now what to do to make some money
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    Free .com and .pt domains for 1 year

    so your unable to switch it over to godaddy is this correct?
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    My first cashout with Chaturbate

    pretty awesome im curious to know what your earnings are looking like in june and july.
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    Amazon affiliate now what?

    Thanks minnehaha for your valuable input it is much appreciated. i cant remember the plugin i used although it might have been a part of the wordpress theme on the site and im having trouble logging on right now to check. Thank you again hope you have a great day.
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    Amazon affiliate now what?

    So i became an amazon affiliate and made a site ww.jonniespetshop i post ads on there adsense ads but they dont appear. So how to get my site on search engines? What to do with site not generating money?
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    Jonny5 is still alive....My Intro

    lol. you get it.
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    Gaining Twitter Followers on Auto Pilot

    waw my head hurts looks complicated i will try this out tho just joined twitter got 3 followers no bueno mang. Goona take me a week to figure this auto pilot thing out. wish me luck and thanks for sharing i know i probly came of like a shit head not my intention passing out on...
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    Jonny5 is still alive....My Intro

    Hello black hatters, and white hatters alike. i love this text box by the way. So with out telling you to much info. i Started a Youtube acct and tried to be like the big boys. i was soon squashed and banned. Decided to get up and dust myself off and try again, try again, so not long after that...