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    My first thread. Purpose 500$ per day using whatsapp, Telegram

    By sending them my phone number. As first Time they need to add me to there contacts
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    How to save contacts automaticlly?

    Hello, did anyone know how to save contacts from whatsapp chat automatically? because adding more than 5k contact is too hard manually.
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    My first thread. Purpose 500$ per day using whatsapp, Telegram

    I trued whatsapp but i'm not sending messages i only post on statue
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    How can I monetize 2000 page views per day south Africa traffic??

    100% your niche is dating and your traffic 100% men is that true? if that the case i already built a CPA landing page that convert very well and i can share it with you. i was promoting mobile offers because i already test those offers and they are working on south africa.
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    Help me my website is blocked

    not yet , i try another one and it blocked from facebook before i start posting, the problem is in my facebook application id , Facebook now block any website using facebook application , if you have a erruer on others applications in your facebook account
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    Help me my website is blocked

    my website ha my website has a clean cotent, did you know how i can contact facebook
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    Help me my website is blocked

    I will try and try untill it get unblocked
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    Help me my website is blocked

    Hi, I start opening a new website and it get hundreds of share but Facebook Block it after 2 hours of start posting. Did any one of you have some ideas to unblock it or any worked page to contact Facebook ?
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    why my urls are not ranking too fast ?

    i'm not new at building links but this time everything i did looks wrong a pick a easy nishe as always i do but this time i notice my domain rathing stille less than 0.3 . about backlinks i build them on my others websites, each site has a unique IP
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    why my urls are not ranking too fast ?

    i try to understand why my url are desappear from google search and why MY DOMAIN RATING still 0.2 even after building 62 backlinks ?
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    why my urls are not ranking too fast ?

    recently i opened a new http website about women nishe. google ranking is too slow also UR and DR are very down even the powerfuls backlinks i make for url I have a good articles focused on targeted keywords but url stille disappear from google search after 24 hours of claiming fetsh as google...
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    Why can't I make a profitable Ad on FB?

    Maybe your website doesn't look trusted. did you use Shopify . also if you want to buy you have to test every page on your niche alone with 15 $ . until you find sells on your marketplace .
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    fb ads on sweden?!

    The same think happen to me until i contact them , but they tell me That every thing is right. So I changed time on fb ads to rest my account as new one after that ads start get some reach Note : If you change Time zone on facebook ads you will have new account but your oldest still but not...
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    Help me with this Facebook Share Jacker

    The only way i know to do that is by using FB applications, But on click first time seen . check the code source of the page maybe they use code java script on the main page .
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    How can I cloak affiliate links on facebook ads without ban?

    Create a Landing page or you will absolutely banned