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    Best Place To Hire C# (WPF) Coder for small(ish) Job

    Hi Guys, I am looking for someone to do a C#(WPF) application project for me, where would be the best place to get someone at reasonable rates. I dont know if anyone here does such things but if so PM me, if not where do you recommend Elance. etc ?? Cheers
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    This Script Made Me $XX,XXX

    Yeah it does, its indexed in BHW ;)
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    Idle ScrapeBox

    WTF are you talking about, I draw this conclusion as I can vouch for MYSELF that I am shit with the product, not you, not someone else just me. But thanks for the concern if I want to learn more I will research it but I use it for what I need.
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    Can I get a sample please
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    Wicked Article Creator - Create highly spun articles within seconds - BHW Discount

    Any Idea when the update is going live today ?
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    GSA Search Engine Ranker - Extremely Powerful Linkbuilding Software (Free 5 Day Trial)

    @S4ntos I know its your thing but regarding serengines, nearly 80% of the blogs they post to in my experience are "NO INDEX, NO FOLLOW", is there any point in creating them if we are not going to get the link juice. or are we still getting some link power from them.
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    SpamRank - GUARANTEED Rankings for ANY Keyword - By LukaB & IndianBill

    Quick question - If I was making a few new sites for this service] would it be better to buy aged domains, also does a 301 redirect work just as well ? Cheers
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    Galaxy s3 Vs Galaxy s4

    I think that is the main selling point with mobiles, to show off the Iphone 4s to Iphone 5, not much difference but to say to friends I have the Iphone 5 big difference Also Op have a look at a Google Nexus, great phones, bloat free and cheap. (I have one)
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    Galaxy s3 Vs Galaxy s4

    You dont know ? come on haha MONEY!!!! If you can only afford a S3 get an S3, there really is not that much difference apart from slightly faster processor and more mega pixel camera, oh and a useless thing called airwave or something. Also have a look at the HTC One, a magnificent looking phone.
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    Will smith and his son on the Graham norton show

    I thought they were brilliant, cant help but be impressed with Will Smith. Cant really sing, cant really dance but has such charisma that he could carry the whole show himself.
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    True review of SEO Services on BHW - Journey about blasting my sites on Google!

    I dont think anyone pays over $100 to get just a diverse link portfolio, these services are sold to gain rankings pure and simple, if you gain a more diverse link profile due to it then that is a bonus. Then as long as the thread is updated regularly this will show whos services links stick and...
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    True review of SEO Services on BHW - Journey about blasting my sites on Google!

    In your thread you can guarantee if you do not see a rank and serp rise, you will refund the money paid. Has this now changed due to this thread ?
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    True review of SEO Services on BHW - Journey about blasting my sites on Google!

    Subbed to this, could be interesting results
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    is this a Template or Cusome Web Design?

    Looks like its just built in Flash and HTML to be honest