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    is autoblogging worth in 2021?

    I feel like nowadays you gotta be pretty advanced/clever to make autoblogging work. It's definitely way harder to make it big
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    What is Onlyfans' main competitor?

    I've heard a lot of Onlyfans creators have started migrating to Fansly but haven't heard much about it
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    Should I take the vaccine for Covid-22 ?

    Lol wtf covid 22? This is absolutely ridiculous
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    Making a living online is not possible

    It's tough but people do it. Gotta come up with your own methods and scale
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    New Youtube method?? - this is insane

    Hmm this looks really interesting but who knows how long this'll take to get patched by youtube
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    Binance Futures Journey | Autopilot | Daily Updates

    Wow this is wild haha. Just stumbled upon this thread but looks like you're making about 1k a month from just this bot?
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    Should I take the COVID vaccine?

    Definitely get the vaccine man. Most of the people getting sick from this Delta variant are unvaccinated people
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    New covid19 variant LAMBDA

    Lol yeah I saw they found a couple of strains in Texas too. Never fricking ends honestly. Apparently this one is more resistant to antibodies created from the vaccine but they still say the vaccine is very effective. Regardless, I swear this thing is never gonna end
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    Ezoic vs Monumetric, which is better?

    I've heard issues with Ezoic regarding website slowdown. And you have to pay something like $20 per month for their website speed tool which sucks. Monumetric I haven't really seen a lot of people use but I've heard good things about. I'd definitely try Monumetric out and see if you can get in...
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    I need to earn money, does anyone have any ideas?

    You can try an app called dscout. Its a company that pays for videos regarding your opinions on whatever topics they have. They pay really good for tasks, up to $200 for some tasks. Check it out, I've earned some good money doing it, but they can be a bit selective sometimes on who they pick for...
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    Something's very VERY wrong with the Internets

    Twitter is a joke. The internet is filled with so much garbage these days. My god some people
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    Be honest, how has 2021 been for you? Mentally / Joy of Life

    Honestly this year has been wayyy better than last year for multiple reasons. Started a job I really like, got out of a relationship that was making me unhappy and now starting to see a girl I really like, moved to a way more fun city. Honestly this year(mainly the last 2 months) has been great
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    OGAds VS CPABuild

    I've had pretty decent success with OGads but never really tried CPAbuild much
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    [Journey] Writing 100,000 Words + Reaching $1,000/Month with AI Generated Content

    Good luck with the journey man! Following!
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    -->Adsense & Amazon Sites That Rank!<-- Up To 30k Words, Easy Keywords, Hosting & Monthly Content!

    Francis, Can you tell me what’s going on with my website. My entire site got deleted without any explanation while there was still 15k words left and every time I’m emailing you, I’m getting a message that my message has been blocked. Can you give me an update because this is not looking good...