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    Dogecoin rising fast! Invest!!!

    If anyone wants to sell me some. PM me a price per 10k and how much you are willing to sell. I'd prefer to pay with a card, but paypal works as well. Whatever works best for you. ~englandrm
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    Any Tool That Can Scrape Tech WhoIs Data?

    It only scrapes the Admin contact, not the tech one. I have a much higher conversion rate when I reach the tech contact.
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    Any Tool That Can Scrape Tech WhoIs Data?

    I'm not looking to have it custom coded. Free and Paid tools are fine. Please don't PM me. Thanks. ~englandrm
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    Any Tool That Can Scrape Tech WhoIs Data?

    I'm looking to scrape all of the WhoIs data, or just the tech contact. Most tools only grab the Admin contact. Does anyone know a tool like that? I've searched Google and checked out other tools, and they all seem to only grab the Admin; including Scrapebox. Thanks in advance. ~englandrm
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    Journey To Internet Revenue

    A big part of ranking on Amazon is total downloads/sales. I seem to remember it's 10 free downloads equals 1 sale, but I could be making that up. Try lowering your price to 99 cents and see what that does. Once it pops up, you can change the price back. Try promoting it where the market is...
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    Journey To Internet Revenue

    Kindle comes down to market research. How big is the market? What's the competition? What's the demographic? etc. Are you in a position to compete? Where are you ranking? How many reviews do you have? And are your title, cover and content aligned with your potential audience? It's a lot to...
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    Journey To Internet Revenue

    If you're in college, you're probably writing a decent amount. Have you considered Kindle? (Some of my books are only 5k words, which is as much content as on your sites). In the next 2-3 months, that's probably going to be my biggest income source.
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    Launching a new site for Learning Wordpress/Web Design. Let me know your thoughts and free

    Launching a new website with a friend of mine. It's brand new, and I'm only starting to review the on page content and visitor flow. I'll be tweaking this over the next few days/weeks, but wouldn't mind some outside input. The site is If you use the Coupon Code "BHW"...
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    How to Bulk Add Watermarks and Intros

    I have a bunch of videos I'd like to add a 6 second intro to, and add a watermark in the bottom right hand corner. I'm currently doing this manually with Camtasia, but I have a few dozen more videos to go and figured it was worth it to see if there was a software option. I'm open to free or...
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    Any one still useing Market Samurai?

    As everyone else said, MS isn't the best for keyword research. I use it for the SEO competition Analysis, which shows the top 10 results and a lot of their SEO factors (domain age, page rank, CF, TF, links to page, links to domain, domains linking to page, domains linking to domain, and a few...
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    Do I need a licence to use images on my website?

    Yeah got a call from a client a few days ago. She uploaded a getty image to her site. They sent her a "settlement offer" of $875, and said pay it; or we'll sue. And that's for one $10 image. Personally I use GraphicRiver and PhotoDune which are in the ThemeForest/Envato network. They cost $1...
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    $5 Via Paypal To Find A Theme That Looks Like This

    Yes, I know the theme. I'm looking for one that looks like the current version of the site. Thank you for the response though.
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    $5 Via Paypal To Find A Theme That Looks Like This

    I see the them is Athalupa or whatever, but it's customized like crazy and looks like it has a ton of plugins. Anyone know a Wordpress theme that looks like Closest match wins. ~englandrm
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    What Plugin / Addon is He Using

    Anyone know what the plugin is that puts the blue bar next to the domain? Is it page rank or some sort of authority scale?