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    Hit $1 made with CPA

    Today I hit 1 dollar through OGads + Youtube method and I feel a sense of accomplishment even though $1 is a miniscule amount of money and nothing to flex. I feel like a learned about creating videos, ranking videos, and overall got some new knowledge about CPA and YouTube Sorry if wrong thread
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    First 28 days on YouTube

    In the first 28 days of my channel, I've organically generated -3.3k views -3k unique viewers -30.7k impressions -7.7% CTR -13 subscribers Do you guys think this is good, horrible, or average?
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    Question- How old were you when you first made money online?

    How old were you when you started making money online- how did you achieve it, and how big were your numbers? I think there should be some interesting answers! (Sorry if wrong thread)
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    Considering Ebay

    Hi everyone, earlier this year I would go to local retail stores, buy shoes, and flip them on ebay. I made about $100 in a month profit, but this method was labor intensive and it took a long time to find just one or two pairs of shoes. I quit that, and decided to try and buy items on aliexpress...
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    Youtube CPA Question

    I just started doing CPA + Youtube method 5 days ago, and have so far only made $.60 (37 impressions, 18 clicks, 4 conversions). So my question is, would it be smart to niche down in the game hack niche to games popular in certain countries, or just target any game in general? I notice most my...
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    Youtube CPA

    Made $.40 today on my third day of Youtube + CPA method. I hope to increase this amount to $1 a day soon
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    Snapchat + CPA

    My only concern is that the same viewers would get tired of me posting the same ads frequently and would unadd me
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    First Attempt at Youtube +CPA

    While researching apps I saw another channel doing the same thing as me and I'm using their channel for niche ideas, seeing what they do helps
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    Snapchat + CPA

    Alright bet I'll try making a post linking to my landing page and say something along the lines of, "Swipe up to get more views on snapchat"
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    Snapchat + CPA

    Thanks for the tips, I feel like I can reach 700 people guaranteed and I'm not tapping into it
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    First Attempt at Youtube +CPA

    All my clicks came from europe and asia, so I was thinking about buying country-targeted views instead of just views in general.
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    Snapchat + CPA

    I have a snapchat meme account that gets like 700 views average and 800 views on a good day. I've tried posting one CPA offer, which was for free vbucks lol, but there was only like 2 clicks and 0 conversions out of 700 views. I'm wondering how I should grow further and generate more clicks. By...
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    First Attempt at Youtube +CPA

    I'm hoping that after sitting for like 2 weeks, my videos ranks will increase and I can produce more clicks. I don't know how you get so many more clicks than me lol, good job tho
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    First Attempt at Youtube +CPA

    i use the unlisted method and buy like 2k views and like 25 likes and some comments,
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    First Attempt at Youtube +CPA

    Yeah, for me the trouble is finding a good app to make the video on. My ranking is ok, first page for the keywords. I notice the small apps get more views for me at least.