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    How old were you when you started learning programming?

    30, launched my first full stack Shopify app today a year later, I used to mess up with javascript when using a bot for an online game when I was 15, but I couldn't speak english and had no idea what I was doing. Would be a multimillionaire if I had someone to give me some guidance back then.
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    I did $600,000 In Sales on my first year of Shopify AMA

    lmao, what the hell happened, everyone was breaking sales records during covid lockdowns, it was like Black Friday results everyday.
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    Crypto buying opportunity not a crash

    My gut feeling is that crypto right now has low use value but the price is still high due to speculation.
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    [List of Methods that do not work]

    I’ve been making money with dropshipping with the same store for more than 5 years now. But it only worked for that long because it’s much more competitive than people think.
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    To python expert

    It’s most definitely because you updated your google chrome. The guy who sold you the bot, probably included the old chromedriver, but for some reason google forces you to update the chromedriver as well. happened to me last week. You just to go to, download the driver and replace...
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    Best way to learn python

    I suggest solving simple problems that you’re already dealing with such as using pandas to edit sheets instead of google or excel. That way you can learn and enjoy your work at the same time.
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    facebook ads

    wow you guys here are clueless. FB is the most profitable option available for most business. Your account was probably only disabled for suspicious activity and not banned, because they insta ban every account that starts advertising right away, to avoid this we “warm” the account by running...
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    What's your opinion on NextJS blogs?

    I've been recently learning how to make a shopify APP and ran into NextJS. I was really impressed not only by the website templates they provide, but also on how fast everything loads on the browser. Their web store took 1.5s to fully load on google speed, while most shopify page take 7 seconds+...
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    [Journey] Youtube Shorts to 50k subscribers (Reuploading TikToks)

    I was using for my first page that has a business Google Cloud profile already spending money. It gave me a 10 videos limit per day. I created another google cloud just to test the limit and it gets limited pretty fast. I also find that uploading from the API makes the video look worse than...
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    Using Quotes to Grow Social Media Accounts?

    I know a guy who owns a large ecom store and 80% of his store fb page posts are niche related quotes
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    [Journey] Youtube Shorts to 50k subscribers (Reuploading TikToks)

    Are you uploading using selenium? I'm currently doing it with my IOS phone, but it's taking a lot of of work, android is much easier to automate and selenium would be 10x easier.
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    [AMA]I made over 700k€ in around1,5 years of droshipping, ask me anything

    How the did you get rejected? I'm currently selling a store on flippa, and the platform is full of blown out scams. 90% of the people messaging me are amateurs who have no idea how to run an e-commerce store. One listing this week was sold for 22k, it was selling counterfeit NASA jackets, and...
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    yes or no: if my iq is high enough, i will make money easily.

    IQ is BS. Read a book called the mismeasure of man, before you end up posting bell charts on *****.
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    What I found out by iframing three websites in one?

    I found this thread, because I was wondering about using iFrame to get clients emails when promoting offers that have email capture. But I think that's probably ilegal lol
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    What I found out by iframing three websites in one?

    Why would you do that though? Free content? But then why frame three websites instead of just one?