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    Ranking for your own name

    try it for the start with the description and title. So that ur name is more often in ur description and title as in the competitors. But take care that it doesnt look like spam otherwise ur done. If u would tell us ur domain we could have a look and give u more detailed ideas ;)
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    New User here wanting to introduce myself

    Sounds great ;) do u have allready a idea how monetize ur website?
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    New User here wanting to introduce myself

    How did u get the idea to create a website about cannabis ;)
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    New here and hopefull to get the eyes opened

    Hi guys, im actually here cause Im interested in the world of online marketing. I know that some guys of you will laugh about this post but imagine back to the time you started. It doesnt matter what you do every start is heavy especially if you dont know what you are looking for...