1. Nancy224

    Huge win for Europe if this happens.

  2. Nancy224

    My Facebook and Instagram biographies were aimlessly impaired on Friday morning, I have submitted prayers for both. What are my coming way?

    Early Friday morning, I woke up, opened the Facebook app on my phone, and was saluted with the screen saying my account has been impaired, and that"the decision is final". My Instagram account is linked with my Facebook profile, and by extension it's also impaired. I have submitted prayers on...
  3. abradabra

    Facebook Latest News Feed Change & How It Impacts Advertisers

    Hey! Facebook released a statement earlier that they are changing how the content on a user's news feed would work. Basically, they will start to show more personal content. E.g. content from your friends/family or content from groups you have joined and limit the content from Facebook pages...
  4. T

    Mark Zuckerberg Makes Surprise Cameo on Chinese TV

    I'm not sure if this is posted here already. I just find it funny considering facebook and censorship and china. www.dailyfinance.com/2012/05/30/mark-zuckerberg-makes-surprise-cameo-on-chinese-tv
  5. fusilli_jerry89

    Facebook Like Button to Reach the Physical World!?

    Holy Fuck.. http://www.allfacebook.com/coca-cola-marketing-2010-08 Coca-Cola Marketing Event Tracked Facebook Users Via RFID For the teenagers attending the Coca-Cola Village Amusement Park in Israel, the event was probably just a bit of fun. But in the world of social networking and...
  6. C

    FB - Zuckberberg Press Conf RE Privacy Revisions

    CNET has live coverage with some substantive Q&A and commentary. Link to CNET Coverage of Facebook CEO Press Conference Third party tool to check FB privacy settings (no affiliation; not endorsing, but popular tool): http://www.reclaimprivacy.org/
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