1. S

    email zip submit

    is it possbile to email zip submit with residential ip address and how?
  2. K

    Which USA Based CPA Network Has The Best Email Submit/Sweepstakes Offers?

    I'm looking for Reputable CPA Networks Located in the United States with the most and best email submit and sweepstakes offers like Win Free iPhone, Win Free Amazon Giftcard, Win Free $500 Visa Giftcard etc.
  3. Nia Jax

    What is Zip and Rar File?

    What's the different betweenZip and Rar File?
  4. ShiningWarrior

    Getting wrong file size everytime with winrar and 7-zip

    Hey, I'm trying to extract a big file from .zip.000 files and every time I'm getting wrong file size i.e., not getting the full extracted data. There are 134 .zip.000 files so that's - Each file size is 500 MB so that's 500x134 = 67000 MB. Now I extracted the first...
  5. 2colt5

    Email/zip submit

    Hey everybody, I am looking for some networks that have a good amount of Email/zip submit affiliate offers. I am having a hard time finding networks that will accept me, since I don't currently have a website up and running, or a lot of marketing experience. I have done a good bit of research...
  6. Danishazizi

    Jailbreaking Ps3 4.76!

    Hi, I have been trying to jailbreak ps3 4.76 software version. I found a lot of sites with the jailbreak file but all of them are password protected. I also completed the surveys many times for getting the password but the passwords are wrong there. So does someone know any site from where i can...
  7. LX911

    How to zip folders in WinAutomation?

    Hello Friends, How do I zip folders in winautomation?? It can zip files but not the entire folder like it can be done in WinRAR.. help!
  8. 6

    Zip submit offer?

    Hey! I'm new to IM, BH and all that stuff. I've been thinking about some methods for a few days now and I think I finally came up with a good one. All I need now is a CPA network that offers zip submit. I already looked and only found email submit offers. It would be nice if someone could tell...
  9. L

    Need some email submit

    I;m looking for a CPA Network with lots of email/zip submits. I was doing pretty well with CPASaw but now I'm getting shaved the shit out of. I have a pretty good method going too, so if you want to team up, talk to me.,
  10. G

    Some unanswered questions

    Hi BHW members, I'm new in CPA and read all the Sticky topics but didn't get an answer for some of my questions. 1. If I want to promote an email/zip programs do I need to build a landing page? I mean, I need domain but can't I redirect it to the offer, without building a land page and if "yes"...
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