1. Mohit Masand

    Help needed yt+ cpa (Ogads)

    i have been working since january doing yt cpa. i had a old channel which got banned on 9th feb. after that i been strugggling to make money. in january i made around $37.20 and was going good in 1st week of feb but after channel banned i could only make $9 in all feb now i am not getting any...
  2. utopianfix

    Noob's Journey to 100$ a day - YT + CPA

    There you have it another journey thread about yt . A little about me. I stumbled upon the forum about a month ago because a friend told me that I can learn a lot from here. So after a month of lurking around I decided to have a go at YT and CPA. I got inspiration from cryo's and zlatan's...
  3. Asad as


    I need some guidence in my yt+cpa journey to 1k a month , I have uploaded 20 videos of game hacks with SEO and they rank on 1st Page but still my earnings are shit 1$ a day. I invested More than that but results are bad for me why? I am also doing cpa+ig along this journey and there I am...