yt + cpa

  1. olegnaxd


    Hy guys, I see a lot of people around who don't know how to get started, or who make mistakes and don't understand why they can't make money on youtube. Today I want to give you some little tips that could help you solve this problem! Let's start... ⏩LESSON NUMBER 1: Don't buy shit thinking...
  2. olegnaxd

    ⭐[GIVEWAY]⭐ 10 FREE ❤️ AGED Youtube Accounts registered in 2019

    Hi guys, I will gift you 10 Youtube Accounts AGED to 10 BHW Members. How to partecipate? ⭐Just comment below: "FREE YOUTUBE ACCOUNTS" Requirements to receive it: ▶️You must be an active member of BHW ▶️You must have been registered on bhw for at least 6 months Youtube Accounts details: ✅You...
  3. Snayke

    COULD you give me CPA + YT Advice? (possibly journey)

    Hello Guys. I have been in this forum for around 5 years. It gave me great experience and I'm really thankful for that. I am running Amazon Afill Site and Job board site. Not much profit but its a long term way. Recently I have started with CPA and tbh. It seems to be the easiest way how to...
  4. Mohit Masand

    [Help] yt + cpa (ogads)

    i have been working since january doing yt cpa. i had a old channel which got banned on 9th feb. after that i been strugggling to make money. in january i made around $37.20 and was going good in 1st week of feb but after channel banned i could only make $9 in all feb now i am not getting any...
  5. starlion

    [JOURNEY] Making £10,000 by this time next year!

    Hey there, so a little bit about me. I've been a long time lurker of this forum and have tried many a methods that i've learnt from here. Some with great amounts of success some with huge fails and losses. As I dropped out of college I relied on these methods to help me go out with friends and...
  6. Mr.TT_B

    How to warm up old YT accounts? - YT+CPA

    Hi, I want to buy some old YT accounts, to rank up some videos. But someone said to me, that I first have to warm up those accounts. How do I do that? Thanks, TT_B
  7. sachintiwari

    Free [ YouTube views ] help

    Hello ,I started an old method from here by @Cryogenesis ,ig+cpa =3$ for me that's really help me alot . But now I switched to{ YT+CPA.} .first I really thanked for bhw members who ready to help and their replied .I have no any pennies for started this journey. At that time I had one domain...
  8. Asad as


    So i have already made some bucks in yt+cpa but the shitty thing happens is that my yt acc got disabled and now My all of videos and cpa leads became zero , but i am not giving up so i created another channel of same niche (blackhat gaming) but i am in a real problem now . i cant cant invest...
  9. blackhathobo


    Well, another journey I am starting, so I am hoping I can reach some success! Lately, I have been doing a lot better than before BUT still a long way from stable income. However, I am getting signups! So that is helping, keeping me motivated! What is motivating me even more, is that a lot of...
  10. F

    [Journey] Scaling Youtube + CPA to 115$ per Day | Printing money!

    Hey BHW! I used to earn with youtube in past over 1K monthly and now I want to do it again! I have 4 months to hit atleast 35-50$ a day, but with in this time I will also by finishing college and I have to apply and make exams to continue for 2 more years. Hopefully I will make it and I will be...
  11. FeyJa

    IG or YT?

    Hi, I want to get started in CPA and I either want to start with making IG + CPA or YT + CPA. I have no experience in either of both so I´m a real newbie. I have a budget of arrounf 40 dollar. If someone could tell what if better for a beginner with a budget of 40 bucks :). Also when I start I...