1. sunseven

    Bing, YSM & Adwords Coupons Wanted

    I'm giving up on my search so if anyone has coupons for new accounts please PM me and let me know your price. Need these asap!!!
  2. P

    can I tranfer my ysm account

    Hi I'm new in the forum. Is it possible to transfer one of my ysm account to someone else? I'm only going to change the contact name and e-mail but the address will still be the same coz the person I'm gonna transfer it to lives with me and we are related so we both have the same surname?
  3. X

    yahoo search marketing question

    Hello, I am new here , so this is my first post :) . I need some advice regarding my YSM account. I signed up few weeks ago (too bad i didn't use any of these YSM codes, just found it on this section :( ) I promote a specific program and when i started, there was no competition (very few). I...
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