yp scraper

  1. DanTe_0101

    Scrapebox YP Scraper only scraping 10 records!

    Hi, I ran into this issue since a few days and its still the same. I set the connections 50 and even 1 the result is always the same. It just stops after scraping 10 records. Is is because my ip got busted? Because I tried it some days ago and it worked well once or twice but now its not working.
  2. S

    Scrapbox YP Scraper Safe Settings No Proxies?

    Hello! I was thinking about purchasing the YP Scraper for Scrapebox but I don't want to purchase anymore proxies, and I don't want to get the 10 I'm using for rank tracking banned. Are there any recommended safe settings for YP that can be used from any IP without risking ban? For example: like...