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  1. rob_101101011

    What are some some decent faceless YouTube niches that have real potential?

    Hi all, Looking for advice on this please. Currently I've been targeting ambience videos and seasonal videos with music and ambient sounds but I'm not getting many views, so I was wondering if anyone knows some tried and tested methods or specific niches that really work - I am using HD...
  2. rob_101101011

    How do I grow a YT channel fast?

    Hi, I am trying to grow my YT channel fast but am finding this difficult. I've kept the channel name generic to enable me to take it in whatever direction is needed to grow it fast but so far I've not had much success. Is it possible to get views and subscribers up at all using other methods...
  3. Lucas04

    I need help getting started on YouTube + CPA. What kinds of videos and hash tags should I post?

    I've been working in cpa networks for the past 1.5 years, and it's changed my life. I constantly look for new strategies to try and use for financial gain. I always aim for 4-5 passive income streams, hence I believe YouTube to be the best. I need your assistance, so please share your...
  4. T

    Pls tell me what happened in the recent yt shorts spam nerf update

    i heard that spamming with shorts isn t a method to grow anymore on yt bcause of the last update but the problem is that idk nothing about this update. Pls can anybody explain me what this update is about?
  5. T

    Youtube shorts views suddenly decreasing

    Two weeks ago i had around 10k views on every short i posted but in the last few days i m not passing 5 views.. i m stuck at 2-3 views.. did this happened to you or is just me? I heard that yt is working on the yt shorts algo so this is the reason. Also many channel are facing this.. yesterday i...
  6. T

    Did u had a drop of views on yt shorts in the last few days? Bcause now personally i barely take any views..

    Did your algorithm crashed? Bcause mine did and i m worried that i m never gonna get views like that never
  7. T

    Why are the youtube shorts views decreasing?

    About one month ago i had 10k views on every post (yt short) but now i stuck at 1-2 views.. do u know why this happens??? Pls tell me if u know
  8. T

    I m not shadowbanned on youtube but i still get 1-2 views on shorts, even if a month ago i had around 10k views on every post. What should i do?

    Suddenly my algorythm just dropped. I checked to see if i m shadowbanned or suspended or stuff like this but i m fine with everything. I just don t understand why my views DROPPED! Pls if u have any advises help me with them
  9. T

    How can i see if i am shadowbanned on youtube?

    The only question i have is how can i see if i m shadowbanned on yt.. only this thing.. pls answer if u know another method than that about commenting on a video then logging out and watching for the comment plss
  10. C

    Need Monitized Youtube Channal Urgent

    need urgent Youtube Channal Payment in Advance Contact Gmail : [email protected] Fast guys needed
  11. Yasin Arbi

    How do i Startup youtube channel

    Hi how to startup a YouTube channel, Monetize it, and also how to hide the real name and display channel name. Do let me know if there is a crash course which i can do or anything that can help understand it. Thanks in Advance
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