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  1. C

    HELP: How to hide a d f l y as source for youtube views?

    Hi everyone. Hope you can help in this matter. I have a blog and I am sending traffic to my youtube videos through a d f l y links. The problem is that I don't want Youtube to see that the source of the views is a d f l y. There's any way to hide that?
  2. petrovski

    How to get 300 YT views

    Ok this is an old stupid simple method, to get YT views, but it wont get you over the 300+ barrier. It can be useful just to kick start your own video... This works with FireFox and Chrome. Install these addons: Firefox = reloadevery Chrome = auto refresh plus Open Firefox, go to your YT...
  3. O

    Youtube views? or subs?

    can someone pleasee tell me how to get free youtube views and subs that wont get me banned? ive used enhance views and 2 of my accounts got banned :( thanks!:batman:
  4. H

    youtube views

    Looking for a service that will add a bunch of youtube views for the roughly 15 videos on my youtube channel. Not looking for thousands, maybe a few hundred each. Any providers?
  5. M

    Tips for getting Youtube Views Please..?

    Hi! I've been struggling since a while with getting youtube views. I was paying someone to have some views but I'd like to get some by myself. Please share your trick and tips to getting views on youtube. Thanks! :)