youtube views bot

  1. TheAlMighty

    YouTube View botting Live Stream Proxy In 2023

    Hi, as the title suggests, I wanted to start view botting live stream. I already have a good quality working view bot. However the problem is caused by the proxies. I am not sure which proxies to use. Many people here are saying 4G Mobile proxies but the cost of them is too high. Also, I want...
  2. Saif14

    youtube views bot

    hi everyone I want to know about the youtube views bot should I buy a costume one? how many accounts should I have? what types of proxies should I use? what should I do after the youtube update algorithm?
  3. mvjkylol

    Need few YouTube bots/tools

    Hi, I need every of these tools: - YouTube Like Bot - YouTube Views Bot - YouTube Premiere Viewers Bot - YouTube Livestream Comments Bot
  4. SmmRapid

    I need auto youtube views software

    I need youtube views bot software. -it should be a program that can watch 10000+videos at the same time-it will run with proxy and user agents (https,socks,http should accept) I have a views bot. But that is very slow. It can be only 1k send per video. So ı want new bot. It need strong pc. I...
  5. SmmRapid

    How can ı get more views?

    I have youtube views bot software. I run with 100 thread but only come 1-2k views. It was working only socks proxy. And the program’s cpu usage average %30-33 (8cpu) Now ı have 3 question. 1-How can ı find more good socks proxyies? 2-How can ı boost this bot?(ı want daily 10-20k speed and cpu...
  6. F

    YouTube retention calculation +150%

    Ok So i have a question if there is anyone who's willing to collaborate with me to get yt views working. I can make yt views But i think Because i make a wrong calculation on the retention my views dont stay all and drop. My countless test make a good inprovement But i think Because my retention...
  7. ingenious00

    Anyone know that Youtube bot?

    Hi users, i have maked some research online for obtain views increasing and have find that new BOT named YouTube BOT, the price is little expansive for me, someone have try that bot for increasing video views? It really works? Im not sure if have the possibility to post URL of website, but is...
  8. H

    Looking For YouTube Views Bot...

    i am looking for youtube views bot. which is working in may 2018
  9. H

    Looking for a YouTube Views Bot (working april 2018)

    hi every one. i AM looking for YouTube bot which is working now days there are a lot of websites selling YouTube views safely. its means they have working YouTube bots. is anybody have or can create a view bot. which views will not get down by YouTube,,
  10. atlien_019

    Nice to meet everyone. Happy to be a part of this great community. :)

    Hello All, I'm glad to be able to introduce myself. My Internet Marketing journey started a few years ago. I began as an independent songwriter and musical artist and set out to find information to help my songs stand out, increase their visibility and showcase my versatility. I've since then...
  11. F

    Create YouTube views bot

    Create YouTube views bot, Im looking for serious people with skills who are willing to create a bot for YouTube views..... I allready made this in the past using a simple perl script and sended 1 million views from 1 ip without generating anything, but know its much harder or i am missing Some...
  12. stuna

    [SALE] Stuna YouTube Video First Page Checker

    INTRODUCING: Stuna YouTube Video First Page Checker We all know that YouTube videos rank highly in Google. This is a research tool that will help you find those "Video Keywords” – keywords with YouTube videos on page one. You can export the data to a CSV file that will show you more info...
  13. S

    Working youtube views BOT

    hi there, long days a go i am purchasing youtube views from several people, sometimes i can see they are generating 10000 to 1000000 views per day, but youtube not suspend the videos. They are doing that in very cheap and very very fast way ? How they do that ? What softwear or techniques...
  14. A

    YOUTUBE SELLERS! Do your views make videos get deleted??? GOOD, I'll pay!

    Hi bhw, im Amanda and here is my needs. Im looking to pay some1 whos views make youtube videos get deleted. This iz for a special project I am doing. It is private, so please dont ask me about it if you are not a views seller, with these views. Thanks. I must see proof that you have taken down a...
  15. snyperul

    Want Youtube Views bot

    I'm looking for a boot that can automate Youtube Views working after last yotube update. PM or leave a Reply here with boot and price.. TX
  16. P

    [Exchange]YouTube Views Bot

    Hi everybody! Today i wanted to Exchange YouTube Views bot for fast proxies ! Proxies are 100+ or more if you want . Proxies are Anonymous and Elite so they are fast and secure. I want a YouTube Views bot that is fast or it has MultiThreading...
  17. Z

    What is the best Youtube Bot?

    Hello, I'm new on this forum and this is my first post. I have question, because I browsing BHW still don't know answer. What is THE BEST YouTube BOT? I need a Bot, who gained 50 000 High Retention Views per day. It can be highly paid. There is no? What will be the cost of employing...
  18. iimpact

    Few questions about private youtube views bot

    I have few k$ to invest and i was thinking about creating my own views bot and start selling high retention views. Since im not even sure how to create this bot im gonna try answering some of my questions with this topic. 1. How many proxies will i need to for the views to be running up the...
  19. K

    I need HIGH quality YouTube account.[BULK]

    The YouTube have to be able to last for very long time. That is NOT going to die in few days. I will use it for YouTube likes. If you have any, skype me. skype: kenny24375 Or you can leave your skype name.
  20. K

    How is this guy ranking youtube videos for ClickBank products?

    I was wondering how this guy ranks his youtube videos for Clickbank products..Any ideas Guys? By the way here is a list of youtube view exchange sites. Found this in another forum..