youtube video delete

  1. rocksgabbar

    Take down a video on YouTube

    Hi, as the tittle says - I want to take down a video on YouTube. It’s a 10 year old clip that displayed me and my ex together (not s€xual). But still when I search my name, that’s the thing that comes on the top and now it has affected a lot of my personal and business relations. I want to take...
  2. U

    you tube has been removed my video from YouTube

    hello friends youtube has been removed my video from YouTube , please help me,what can i do that youtube not remove my video :(
  3. V

    YouTube Removing Videos

    Today I checked my email accounts (two different accounts) and my inbox had emails from YT like this- This following video was found in Violation of TOU #4 Section H: --------------link removed---------------- "You agree not to use or launch any automated...
  4. newon

    How to get unique YouTube Videos?

    Dear all respected BHW members, Two months back I started a new YT channel on DIY. I used to download other low view, low rated videos from other users, changed background, changed music and re-upload and then boost. Everything was going fine, suddenly from last week YT is blocking...
  5. F

    How to delete some YouTube Video?

    Hi, What can i do that youtube automaticly delete some video? (not my Account) I think i must click "flag" but has someone experice what i must choose then? And sorry for my bad english. Please help
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