youtube uploader

  1. MehtaM

    Any working YouTube Upload Bot?

    Looking for automating YouTube upload video. Is there any bot available? I won't be needing any other feature of liking, vieweing or commenting.
  2. Z

    Increase upload limit

    Does anyone know how to bypass the daily upload limit on YouTube? Ive seen people uploading thousands of videos a day.
  3. S

    Looking for a good youtube video uploader bot.

    Hello, I am looking for a good youtube uploader bot, i want to upload the same video to different accounts, providing the same settings (description,title etc). Please if you know any write below. Also i have a question. Is YTMonster safe ? Because my antivirus program detects it as a...
  4. E

    YouTube Genius Tool Review

    Hi people, first of all I want to say that I`m not in any kind of relation with owners of YouTube Genius software and I just wanted to give you some clues and review this tool since I have purchase it 2 days ago. First of all, small price of $30 is more than affordable for anyone and I...
  5. D

    Youtube uploader needed

    Does anyone know of a youtube uploader that can upload 1 video to multiple accounts, Idea would be to send the video to a windows server where bandwidth is no issue, and upload with the possibility of putting in different titles and descriptions. This is not meant to go 100's of accounts but...
  6. F

    Upload Videos Using Gears?

    I hear that Gears from Google is a good plugin to upload videos to Youtube and could help to fasten the upload process. Does anyone here know how to use it? Please share it here.. Thank you :)
  7. P

    Looking for a YOUTUBE Video Uploader

    I am looking for a few individuals who will upload videos for me on Youtube. I can provide the youtube accounts, the video and the video tags. You will need to come up with an attractive title and put on an annotation or watermark. Whatever you prefer. I am willing to pay up to .40 cents for...
  8. A

    Need Feedback, I am writing my first BH tool for YouTube

    Hey BHW people, I've decided that writing tools for automation was much more fun than doing SEO, link building, etc. Primarily a Mac user i've always hated using my PC to use all the wonderful tools out and about. I am creating my first application/tool (the first of many), to help automate...
  9. P

    $$ Youtube Video Uploading Submitters -- Pay Per Video!! $$

    Hello BHW! I am looking for people that are willing to upload videos on YT. Upload and Watermark! I will provide you will YT accounts, videos, key words, descriptions. You will need to watermark the video, upload the video and create a title. I am looking for someone that can upload 10 / 25...
  10. P

    You Tube Video Submitters

    Looking for someone that can watermark and submit videos for me on youtube. You will need to be able to download the videos, watermark, and upload on to youtube. I will provide the youtube accounts, description and tags. The only creativity you will need to use is with the title. Must be...
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