youtube upload

  1. royalmemer

    Does anyone have/know where to get these tools

    I came across a website called "autobotsoft" searching for a youtube upload tool. Did anyone buy something from this site. Is it legit? Also does anyone have the link for the CRACKED version of these tools? Any info would be appreciated
  2. MehtaM

    Any working YouTube Upload Bot?

    Looking for automating YouTube upload video. Is there any bot available? I won't be needing any other feature of liking, vieweing or commenting.
  3. O

    Can I get away with this or will I get a BAN?

    Hey, I have a question as I am new to Youtube: I plan to create a channel where I will upload 100 videos that have a different picture as the background BUT the exact same script as the audio, the only difference is the name of the person I am going to talk about. Example: VIDEO 1: "Hey this...
  4. vibedz

    Login youtube account from Different IP (VPS) is fine?

    Hello guys I have problem in uploading videos to youtube because i'm using my internet to do other tasks so I limit my upload limit using netlimiter, so I was planning to buy VPS to upload videos to my youtube channel, but I was worried of youtube allowed us to login youtube account to different...
  5. blackma

    Question regarding YouTube upload number

    Hey guys, I have about 1000 videos ready for uploading. They are very similar regarding style and content but each is definitely unique apart from sharing the same intro. These are tutorial style videos. And I am monetizing via cloaked (sub domain url) affiliate links. Obviously upoading a...
  6. ashishvyasxpu

    [tut] youtube videos -->dropbox--> youtube (your channel)

    :cool: Hello Guys, ​ I?ve been lurking around BHW since a long time, this community has helped me a lot ?. I am not much of a poster & English is not my first language so don?t be harsh on me ? A few days ago I had to download a lot of youtube videos & upload them back to my youtube account...
  7. n0de32

    Follow my Youtube Mass Uploading Journey. [RESULTS INSIDE]

    I have been away from video marketing since months, things are changed now as it becomes automated and more easier so, I decided to give it a shot again. I will not go into details like niche, landing page url, tactics etc., you know it's not good at all. ;) I've started with the following...
  8. valerugo

    I need suggestions which YOUTUBE Software to buy for Upload

    Ok so i have been looking around for some YOUTUBE software that i need to upload to youtube : I have TUBENOIA and i can say that doesnt really work for me to upload , pour uploading speed , so that is out of my list then I was looking to MVB software from sodevrom that might work but I want...
  9. P

    Looking for a YOUTUBE Video Uploader

    I am looking for a few individuals who will upload videos for me on Youtube. I can provide the youtube accounts, the video and the video tags. You will need to come up with an attractive title and put on an annotation or watermark. Whatever you prefer. I am willing to pay up to .40 cents for...
  10. J

    Bulk Video Download-Watermark-Upload Service?

    Looking for someone who can download watermark-upload videos to YT. Tell me your price for 50, 100, 200... videos. Any additional information that you think are important, write down here. I can only pay via Money Bookers and ePassporte. Thank you
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