youtube tutorial

  1. LiquidOCELOT

    New Customization Tab in YouTube Studio Is Awesome

    Many Newtubers will be glad to know that now with the new Customization tab in YouTube studio they can easily fix there channel layout, branding and basic informaiton (About Section); alot of people in the forums are worried about gaining subscribers may be this white hat method can help them...
  2. MajTechReview

    my channel is dead

    Hello guys, my YouTube channel isnt growing, I do fails compilations, I do great seo and thumbnails but still not seeing any growth ive made like 10 compilation videos but no views :/
  3. Heiko

    [GUIDE] How to start with Youtube and build up a solid channel

    This is my first guide on BHW, so take it easy on me. This is a guide made by me on how to build up a solid Youtube Channel (and recieve money from it). Also be alerted that english is not my first language, so sorry for any spelling mistakes) Channel Optimization Lets compare 2 Channels. 1 -...
  4. C

    Youtube Bots? Request

    Hey bros :P I am a youtube gamer and am gunna start babysitting for money soon, but what I am interested in are the following bots: Youtube Video Liker Youtube Account Creator Now it's possible to buy accounts I know but it's boring :P, I already know a comment suite so no worrys about...
  5. T

    How to get 10,000 Youtube Views from good leads (INCOMPLETE TUTORIAL)

    How to get 10,000 Youtube Views from good leads (INCOMPLETE) (READ THE WHOLE THING BEFORE YOU START) (a.k.a. Send 10,000 emails in 10 minutes) You will need: A Youtube Account MS Excel 1. Go to your video 2. Click a video from the Related Videos that is most related to your...
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