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  1. AudienceGainNet

    Buy 4000 Watch Hours on YouTube - Commit To Help You Join the YPP

    YouTube Monetization Services Company: AudienceGain Email: [email protected] Skype: [email protected] Livechat: Address: © AudienceGain Ltd - 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1N 3AX Thank You
  2. swaglikejesus

    HR Views or Discovery Ads

    Im in the type beat niche.. Wondering which service is better: discovery ads or hr views? I planned at first to buy something like 10k views, 500 likes per video. Then i saw some people saying that discovery ads are better at the moment. So which one should i use? Is it a good idea to use both...
  3. Mr.Chicken


    HEY! I am looking for an SMM panel, who has all the youtube services Views comments likes subscribers. . One thing to keep in mind that I should be able to add money via my paypal , I want to resell these services to my clients,, . ANY GOOD SUGGESTIONS GUYS?
  4. S

    Youtube Monetization Service

    Hey BHW I was looking for anyone who knows of any monetization services for youtube and any services to drip feed likes/subs/views. Thanks :)
  5. P

    Need Youtube Comment Upvotes/Likes

    Hello guys, I was using Youtube Comment Upvotes from some panels to rank my comments. Unfortunately there was some problem with youtube and I can't find panel that provide upvotes/likes anymore. What happend? Is there anyone here on BHW who still sales this service at decent prices?
  6. harold bump

    CTR based view optimisation

    Youtube's algorithm looks at CTR for suggested videos that your video is used as to understand relevance and to understand whether to continue showing it. Anyone know of services that offer views as well as scraping for any suggestions of the video being promoted in order to boost the CTR that...
  7. S

    How get susbscribers to my youtube channel?

    Hello, how can i get subscribers to my youtube channel? Thanks
  8. O

    Any video views services available?

    I haven't been in the scene for a while, but damn, it looks like all of the services are GONE! :confused: Any video (not channel) views services available? Please contact me as soon as possible. I'll post in the buy/sell services forum too, just to make sure. Thanks a lot, orl2008.
  9. C

    What's wrong with Youtube views, rating ?

    I've been trying to use software to add views, rating to my youtube videos but it looks like it's not working. I don't know if Youtube has problems or they are upgrading some stuff. Can someone help me? Does anyone knows what's going on?
  10. C

    Youtube services needed : 50 000 views, 100 ratings, 10 favorites

    Hey. I'm into video marketing. I need someone that can provide with a service on a regular basis, every week. I plan on doing about 6 videos a week. I need a service for all my youtube videos : 50 000 views, 100 ratings, 10 favorites. I will pay for them, We just need to negociate a price. Thank you
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