youtube script

  1. ASGTwicit

    I am in YouTube Shorts HELL!!! halp me pls :')

    So it's as the title suggests, I have been stuck in a rut with Youtube shorts as of late. a year or two ago I was pretty successful with it but I guess the algos changed so much the strategy i used to use generates max 2 views a short now. I know the content itself is good quality; voiceovers...
  2. zotix

    Any advice on automation / structured writing of Youtube scripts?

    Dear Community, I have a monetized YouTube channel with a Focus on AI. It is a Faceless Chanel, which uses TTS for Voice and video Footage from Envato, which are then made by my cutter - and before all of that, I put a lot of work into research, structuring, writing each script with CHATGPT-4...
  3. zotix

    Looking urgently for a Script Writer for an Artificial Intelligence Youtube Channel

    Hi all, request is in the Headline, please write me a message. 2 Videos (Aprox 8-10Min) per Week. Your Task will be: - Research Topics AI related - Write a structured, Youtube format script to grab the attention of the viewers - And the most important thing: Interested in Tech, espc. Artifical...
  4. MrWhite2018

    Can anyone share an AI YouTube script prompt please :)

    I would like to write up some accurate 500 word scripts for clients to use on their YouTube videos, ideally it should be broken up into parts. If anyone could share a decent prompt I'd really appreciate it :) Thanks
  5. D

    YouTube Upload Bot

    Hi, i need someone to make me a bot that posts a video from a folder ever 2 hours every day, (example: i want the bot to upload five videos, I'll set on settings to post at 10 12 14 16 18 every day...) Bot can't use YouTube API Bot needs to get title and description from file
  6. Mr Positive

    YtPro & Mr Positive | ⭐️ DFY Faceless YouTube Videos⭐️| ✅ Professional Keyword Research✅| ❤️Attractive Thumbnails❤️|⚡️ Engaging Script W...

    Team: @YTPro & @Mr Positive TAT: 21 Days From Ordering. Contact us: Payment Options: BTC, Payoneer, PayPal, Wise.
  7. arundamo

    Free: Get Top 20 Reuse Allowed Youtube Video Information your keyword

    Hi Everyone, I am using a custom created a bot for my youtube video Autoblog and since I learned so much in BHW I would like to provide the below service as free hoping it might help somebody. Why I am doing this: As I have mentioned earlier, It is a way to thank everyone, here. What you will...
  8. knopper

    YouTube Views Script/Bot

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for a perfect solution for YouTube views. No, I'm not willing to buy views from someone, I'm looking for working Method / script / bot. Serious people PM me with your pricing, I have a decent budget :)
  9. rojus555

    Making a loop in a website to get YouTube views working?

    I would like to know if any of you use and bypass with YouTube scripts. If any of you does but dont know how to get targeted country audience (I get it but I don´t pass), reply this and PM me or add me on Skype: ninco901 so that we could exchange methods. You must take into account...
  10. masudrana22

    [Buy] Youtube unlimited Views Script

    Hi friends, I'm looking for a Youtube View Increaser Script 100% Retention. any one can make it or have it? If you have or wants to make for me, Please contact with me on Skype. My Skype ID: masud.rana8008 ____ Advance Thanks
  11. bankole1

    Developer for javascript needed

    Looking for a developer or someone experienced with YouTube to help me write an updated script for YouTube views. Developer has to be able to keep up and adapt to YouTube's constant patches and updates. Serious inquiries only, please do not contact me if you don't have a BHW account or what I...
  12. I

    Need YouTube Views Increase Script

    Hi All I Knew that many people using a script to increasing you tube views if any body have a good working script so i am interesting to buy that.
  13. bankole1

    Experienced coder/programmer needed for YouTube script

    I need an experienced programmer that can make me a working YouTube view script. I also need the programmer/coder to be dependable and able to create new working scripts as YouTube constantly updates their algorithms. I will need to test the script out first before I issue payment. PS: I am...
  14. bankole1

    Monetized YouTube views

    I've finally discover how to boost Monetized YouTube views. My question is, should I start selling this type of views?
  15. bankole1

    YouTube script modification

    I bought this script about a month ago, it worked for a while but now it looks like it has being patched. If any programmer can help me modify it so it works again please PM me. <script type='text/javascript'> function randomString(len) { var chars =...
  16. bankole1

    YouTube HR view script needed.

    I am looking to buy or have someone write a working HR view script for my personal YouTube videos. If you have what I am looking for please PM me. PS: I will need to test the script first before I pay for it. I have being scammed before.
  17. bankole1

    Serious Inquiry: Monetized YouTube views!

    I need a script/bot/program that can send around 100-300 monetized views to each of my videos daily, and help boost YouTube earnings either by clicking on the ads or some other method. Each video should be able to earn around $3-20 daily. If you are programmer and You can do something like this...
  18. mnhweb

    YouTube View Increase Script

    Hi. I am looking for someone that can write a script that can increase a link on I want to Increase the following: Views Ratings Add to Playlists Add to Favorites Post a text comment Or anything else you may suggest that can increase traffic to a particular set of...
  19. sugarwillis

    How to Shotgun Video Replys

    Has anyone found a software for sending out a mass amount of video replys to all videos that contain your chosen tag ??? This software will be very useful ! If this isnt already around, tell me and ill get scriptlancer to whip it up...
  20. T

    increase youtube video plays, PERL script

    ok so i have a perl script thats very simple.. run it and it gives you hits to the URL you supply..if i pop in my myspace URL it shoots up my myspace views in seconds... now i tried it on my youtube video link but am not sure its working...i know from one IP you can get 200ish views...
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