youtube ranking

  1. MrStepan

    ✅[STEP-BY-STEP] ⚡️ YouTube Ranking Secrets ⚡️ Universal + Blackhat Ranking & Growth Methods ⚡️ Crush Competition Fast! ✅

    Announcement: Updated Version With New Bonus Content & Price Released! Frequently Asked Questions: Q: How do I order? A: You can order by visiting the order page, filling out the information, and choosing a payment method. The delivery is instantly after successful payment. Q: Who is this...
  2. MrStepan

    ✅[METHOD REVEALED] YouTube Ranking Masterclass ⚡️ Organic + Blackhat Methods ⚡️ Crush Competition Fast! ⚡️ Works With All Niches [STEP-B...

  3. Kodak Black

    Browser automation tool - for youtube Ranking

    Hey, im looking for a browser automation tool, that will search a specific keyword with like 15 different accounts/proxys, find my video, and watch it on youtube. i need it for ranking on youtube, thanks :)
  4. fxony

    Question About YouTube Ranking

    Hi, just wanted to ask two question someone who know: - Can It affect something (ranking or not suggesting videos etc..) if I use 3+ different YouTube channels (different gmails) and upload videos from same IP? - Is good to combine buying two types of YouTube HQ High Retention views: one from...
  5. don7777

    Do you need lot of YT views to Rank higher?

    Hi All, I have a 2 years old YT channel with closer to 7000 subscribers. My latest YT video (15 min long) is 7 days old and still not in the top 10 results for my main keywords. Current video views are about 2000 and the on-page SEO is done correctly. Top 10 ranking videos for the same...
  6. Bio-Hazard

    Best MicroWorker Site For Ranking YouTube Videos??

    So, I have a 3 months old YT channel & most of my videos don't get any views...I was using some SMM panels but getting fake subs, likes, comments & views were not at all helping me in the ranking...I even tried 4k-5k High Retention views, several comments & likes on a single video which indeed...
  7. SMMTribe

    CTR Manipulation - Increase Your Keywords CTR & Impressions - Rank Higher In Google & YouTube Search!

    Good day to all fellow BHW members! We're excited to introduce you a new service on BHW. GOOGLE & YOUTUBE CTR MANIPULATOR 3.0 (CTRM) So, what is this CTR Manipulator 3.0? CTRM is the one I like to call the "Secret Sauce". It is a complete systemized ranking strategy that will help you rank...
  8. Spottyyy

    Do Backlinks help a YouTube video to rank?

    Do Backlinks help a YouTube video to rank?
  9. goprowithiln

    Outrank / Push down a youtube video

    We have someone that is trying to rank scam review videos to opportunity switch stealing our traffic on Youtube. He's got a bunch of down thumbs, and comments saying that his video is BS basically. Any advice on how we can start out ranking him / pushing him out of rankings?
  10. IG Professor

    >> Youtube Ranking Solutions

    Youtube Ranking Solutions Results focused services. Are you tired of buying views or none working social signals via SMM panels? if you do, you might be in the right thread. We will help you to move your video forward in the Youtube SERPs. forget about wasting thousands of dollars on Views...
  11. P

    YouTube Real SMM Panel To Rank Your Video?!

    Hey there, so I would like to ask if you have any SMM panels or any similar ways to rank your videos. And if is even possible to "outwit" the YT with SMM panels. I appreciate any tips, tricks, or any valid information about this topic. PS: sorry for the bait name of the thread ;)
  12. 1AKIRA


    oh boys this method will help y'all ! you are ready? Ranking videos on YouTube aren't that hard if you are smart enough. i remember asking people to help to get with the ytb ranking no one helped ofc...., so i was reading and fighting until i discover this method, i think it's not only me who...
  13. beastkay

    Looking for someone who can bring more eyes on Youtube Channel and Videos

    Looking for someone who can bring more eyes on Youtube Channel and Videos * Not looking for fake or bot likes, comments and subscribers. Budget - Max $200 a month Just PM me here, if you can do it or interested to do this job.
  14. nerdblogger

    How to RANK videos on Youtube in 2020? [Question]

    I am planning to do OGAds + Youtube, I have already made a video and about to upload it on youtube but before uploading it I would like to make sure that I know what I am going to do next; My niche is : Game Hack / Coins Generator I am thinking to send 1000 views from smm panel (I will place...
  15. PandaDaddy

    Looking for Youtube Ranking Specialist to work on Youtube Channel

    Hi BHW, I am looking for a Youtube Keyword Ranking specialist to work on my Youtube project in the long run. The niche is Roblox/Fortnite/Tabs Gaming, I am on pace to produce and upload about 1.5-2 videos a day. I am looking for someone who can manage the keyword researching and ranking for...
  16. R

    How is this youtuber getting so much views so fast?

    This was his 2nd video on his channel and he managed to get these numbers which I find odd This was when he had little to no subs I need your guy's opinions on this. He got over 100k views in the first day which is insane for your second upload to youtube. Did he possibly rank on the first page...
  17. Ajeet Ghuman

    Wow!! imagine getting 19 million views by an extremely unexpected reason

    LOL!! I was being lazy just now (its not like it was my first time or anything) .. and i typed Y to get to Youtube... and it went to google search and and and.. i clicked on first video to land on Youtube, turns out the video got 19 million views because of people Like me being lazy as f ...
  18. hunnitthousands

    Youtube Keyword Ranking

    hey guys, whats the best way to rank on youtube atm? backlinks + rav views?
  19. mofo

    How to get views on a new channel with 0 subs?

    How fast would it take to get traction(on average) and how would it be done?
  20. easyEC

    How can i rank my videos? Need Help!

    Hi, My channel has about 110 subs and 11 videos. My videos only make views in the 1st days after that they slowly die. I am using keywords in titles and descriptions, tags, posting similar content like those in the same niche but I hard to compete with 300k or 100k subs. they are getting 30-40...
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