youtube ranking 2018

  1. Kamesh

    Youtube method help!!

    Hi everyone! My channel has around 1k subscribers but I got almost all from an exchange platform and I'm literally getting no views. I have uploaded around 15 videos. I want to ask if this has something to do with inactive subscribers or should I keep uploading videos. Or should I start a...
  2. American Trends

    A question regarding youtube ranking

    Anyone tried to rank youtube videos with GSA ser and SEnuke in 2018 after new script update? And if you tried, have you got the rankings? If yes, in how many days and what number of links you created.
  3. BlueShiftXDBrah

    YouTube Ranking Journey

    Hi, This will be my first journey, it will hopefully lead to greater things as I try to figure out YouTube and how the search engine works. I have ranked videos previously, my best video ended up raking in $4k. That was along with a ranked website though. However, that's as far as I took...