youtube poster


    YouTube comment posters

    Hiring YouTube comment posters, will hire multiple posters if required. Your task is simple, I give you a niche, IE: Tech videos, you find new and popular videos, post the link and then thumbs up the comment to help it rank. How much will you be paid? You will be paid per video posted, (if...
  2. N

    Would you be interested in this kind of bot for youtube?

    Hello again, i am working on a new youtube bot which actually clones a youtube channel...or a part of it. It should work like this: you have to input the ID of the channel you want to clone, your channel where you want to upload the videos and the bot will do all the job in the background...
  3. C

    Mass Video Embedder Tool(Keyword)- Need Suggestion to Improve

    Hello Everybody, I am making the Automation(Mass em bedder) tool for clipbucket. which has many features. Grab videos according to the Keywords. Automatically create channels etc.. I have made a video demostration. And currently it is still in beta. it will be great if you give me some more...
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