youtube partner program

  1. A

    Rejected by YPP due to reused content

    Hi guys, my channel just got rejected to take part of Youtube Partner Program due to reused content. Yes, my contents are reused content. In order for re-apply again after 30 days, is it possible to just trim the reused content to not reused content (part of the original video) then re-apply...
  2. Alex0808

    Should I apply now for ypp ?

    I got 7,130 subs 6,046 hours watch time. My two videos got viral in last 8 days and they propelled me from 46 subs, 1.3k minutes watchtime. My content is political videos (others content but they don't mind)
  3. Ajeet Ghuman

    Youtube Partner Program Application Approval Glitch

    Anyone knows about this glitch?? Seems like its all over my facebook profile and people in many groups are talking about how without any single view and subscribers they got the monetization approved with proofs of Screenshots of their mail and account.