youtube organic traffic

  1. SmmRapid

    My test videos geted main page finally!

    Firstly The subject is definitely not an advertisement subject that I recommend someone or myself. If I achieve good success in the method, the sharing will continue. Requirements: 1-Quality traffic 2-Social media advertisement 3- Youtube channel with never bought bad embed views ( most of...
  2. ThatguyCT

    I need professional YT advice - is my channel worth keeping or is it a lost cause?

    Hi guys, as it says in the title of this thread, I urgently need advice from the YouTube Gurus of BHW. This is my issue: I bought a channel at the beginning of the year with 4k subs and more than enough watch time so that I could start monetizing in an instant after taking over and rebranding...
  3. bookingsjgoode

    I need youtube video ranked

    BHW what's up? I am a music artist and I have a youtube account with 300 real subscribers. I am about to drop a music video and I need someone to rank it and do the SEO! Is anyone in this section able to do so? I used to see people say send high retention views, likes and comments? Is that...