youtube + ogads

  1. lastsamurai

    Up-to-date Trends Youtube Marketing ...huh?

    What up, guys! Recently I posted this thread about a crappy youtube channel I own that is growing substantially, with great feedback so far.: So...I was wondering what you guys do to stay updated on every new...
  2. madakalark

    Youtube copyright strike issue..

    Hi guys, I have issue with youtube, I was doing TV serial video review, but I didn't use any of their content, video includes my own voice and my own video. Just it reviwed it. And For thumbnail I used tv series today image screenshoot I have taken. I don't know why I got copyright strike...
  3. mrnixdorf

    CPI CPA Journey To $500/Day

    Hello everyone, This is my first journey, i decided to start this journey to keep my self motivated, and motivate who are still struggling in getting their first $1 from the internet. This journey is about Youtube/Ogads What i've done so far : 1- Have a pre-made landing page that works for...
  4. Lemie92

    Ways of monetization on Youtube?

    Hi there! Who knows partners programms of goods/services or ads agencies ordering ads inside videos on Youtube? I've got demonetized Youtube channel with a very good traffic (500k+ per day, mostly from USA) about funny pets. Can anyone tell me how to find potencial advertisers or partners...
  5. the gent

    [Method] Trick on How to find Youtube Keyword - LSI

    Hi There, First, bear wiht my English, cause i'm not a native one! So today i will share with you all a trick that i used in the past with my CPA+Yt Journey that helped me to get my hands on a lot of fresh new keywords related to my main one! Let's dive into it shall we Go to Youtube and...
  6. PowerKnipser

    Monetize from YouTube without ads enabled?

    Hey guys, let's get a little creative: What are your ideas on how to monetize from a <1000 Subscriber youtube channel? I think there must be more than just putting affiliate links in descriptions. How can one juice every penny out of a non-monetized channel??
  7. John Vicmudo

    Youtube help!

    So this happened to me and to my competitors that I'm watching, after making my video on atleast top 5 of search result, then after a few days of keeping it on top, the youtube will eventually give strike to my video and will immediately disable my channel even if I only have 1 account. I...
  8. NetLoss

    Goal of $30/month became making $100/month. OGAds. CPA+YouTube

    It's been two and a half months since I got started with OGAds CPA+YouTube method. From the day I released my landing page and YouTube video, I've had not done anything. Earnings in November was $130. December $130 again. My original goal was ~$30/month. Complete rookie, so my goal was low...
  9. YouTubeMonetizer

    Greetings from here.

    Hello people here, decided to join this beautiful community, to learn more thing. i am running on my journey on youtube accounts monetize. hope it will success and get lots of earning in adsense. as i am running 10 accounts to monetize , ill be expecting they wll earn that much qualification in...
  10. N

    New YouTube Channel

    Hello guys. I started a new YouTube channel with some funny videos of Instagram. I try to make some 10min compilations once per week with the best videos I can find on Instagram. Is it a good idea to also upload also the videos separately on YouTube, apart from the weekly compilation? Also I...
  11. vcc

    Make A Real Video And Upload It Youtube,Don't Count Views Just Count Money

    Hi everyone, Whatever your niche , just create an short and well explained video, and upload it on youtube with some of your niche related keyword , don't count how many views , but its really make huge for you , i am impressed only 350 views and make 70 click with 14 convo ...
  12. CThomasRaging

    YouTube Ranking Top 3 Spot

    What up guys! I am playing with YouTube for a last couple of days, but it seems YouTube plays with me ... My goal is to rank videos and monetize them with CPA. Videos are dancing around - I tried drip feed views, HR views, likes, social signals, comments. But it looks to me that their system...
  13. D

    [DFY - CPI-Email Submits] HQ Video Proof Service For YT CPA★★Get Upto 30% C.R!

    [DFY] HQ Video Proof Service For YT CPA★★Get Upto 30% C.R! FEATURES: You will Get a HQ Video in 720p-1080p with non copyright backgroud music. Video Will Be Watermarked To Avoid Someone From Stealing Your Video. We Can Do App Installs For Almost All Android/Iphone Games, Email Submits for...
  14. manolo12399

    Where to buy Youtube Views Delivered Slowly

    Can you suggest a reseller of youtube traffic/Views to a youtube playlist? The delivery is daily for about 2 months. Is not like 1000.000 views today and thats it. Thanks
  15. B

    Youtube Video Ranking Problem

    I m trying to earn money using youtube and ogads.I learned that people rank their videos by buying views from smm panel.So i tried same and used top4smm panel for that.For 1st video i bought 20k views and for second video i bought 5k views,and i got nothing ranked and wasted the money.My...
  16. elias880810

    Tools to analyze searches and competition on youtube

    Hello friends I ask for your help, and I decide to start investing my time and money in CPA + Youtube or CPA + Instagram for now I will start with youtube because it is faster and more scalable than IG, however seeing several tutorials I have the following questions. 1. What tools do you use to...
  17. Vlad71

    Ranking/Keywords/Strikes + CPA

    Hello guys, currently I am doing IG and CPA, but I want to expand with Youtube and CPA. I have some questions: 1.Where and how I can find keywords for my niche and where do I put these keywords ? 2.How to rank these videos ? 3.Should I buy views/likes, or I can use exchange sites, if so can you...
  18. blackc0de2


    Hey BHW! I'm just starting my journey with CPA (OGADS + YOUTUBE) So far I uploaded just 20 Videos! And from 20 videos that I did, upload got only $17! I'm Building 100 Videos right now "GAMING HACK NICHES" I'm using VPN and Textnow to verify my Youtube Accounts! For the views and the...
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