youtube monitization

  1. Aiden55

    Which is the fastest way to monetize YouTube channel?

    I am starting up a channel on YouTube and I'm looking for the fastest way to monetize this channel. Any suggestions or tips for beginners would be greatly appreciated. (Niche: health)
  2. peachseo

    ✅[Don't worry about 1k Subscribers & 4k Watch hours {Complete your 1st step for YouTube Monetization Program }❤️ GET 4k WATCH HOURS & 1K...

    Do you want to earn money with YouTube Monetization Program But your are not getting 1k subscribers and 4k watch hours..!!! OR Are you tired to paying a lot of money but your channel are still dropping watch time and subscribers Don't worry We are providing Quality service 4k WATCH...
  3. zeroblackhat

    For 4000 Watch Hour How Many Views I Required on 9 Minute & 11 Second Video

    I'm having couple of videos max length of the video is 9:11 Minutes, I was thinking how many views & Which views should I take to reach 4000 Hours of Watch Time I'm Having 5 Videos Video 01 - 9:11 Minutes Video 02 - 7:85 Minutes Video 03 - 6:35 Minutes Video 04 - 5:59 Minutes Video 05 - 4:57...
  4. S

    YouTube CPM from you? And how get a monitized Channel

    Hello, how are you all? I want to know how much your CPM is and how i get a monitized channel! ;) Is it worth to buy views?
  5. Prostrated Marketer

    Where I can buy Youtube ready for monitization?

    hello BHW, Where I can buy such youtube that ready for monitization? that already approved of 1k subs and 4000hrs.
  6. mariorac19

    Youtube Cpywrite Problemes ! Here's The Solution

    Hello, every bdy try to find the solution for one of the big problem that we meet when we try to create and growing a youtube channel , " it's Copywrite Problem " . In this thread i'll try to give you a smple solution you can follow it to have possibility to upload any video you want on your...