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  1. scatman1

    YouTube Monetized Channel Best Practices

    Hey guys, I'm currently looking to purchase a Monetized YouTube Channel and I wanted to hear your thoughts on "The Best Practices" for running this kind of channel. I've picked my niche and I am having some videos currently made, but as for the channel itself, what would you say I should watch...
  2. djsobuj

    ✅YouTube Monetization Channels✅ Selling High Quality Monetization Channels✅

    Price: 34K Subs= $800, 47K= $1K, 57K= $1.3K (slightly negotiable) Amount of subscribers: 59K, 36K and 49K Country of subscribers (majority): India Topic/Niche: Gaming Description: Hi, I’m selling three gaming YouTube channels for affordable prices. if anyone buy 3 channel altogether, I will...
  3. _Zayn_

    [Aged] [Monetized] [HQ] Youtube Channels [HQ] [Monetized] [Aged]

    *** Thread closed *** Seller hasn't updated this thread since November 2018. Thread closed until seller has provided status update and confirmed that all outstanding orders are resolved. @_Zayn_ - please contact either myself or a marketplace mod as soon as possible with an update on this...