youtube making money

  1. D

    Stuck at $5 per day on Recap Channel. Need advice !!

    Hi, I need some advice on my YouTube Channel. I have a Recap YouTube Channel and it makes $0- $5 per day. Views range from 500 - 3000. The Channel is focused on Animated Movies. Rather than depending on Adsense Earnings I want to utilize the Traffic I received for YouTube Videos and Sell them...
  2. dt2017

    Rank your local youtube videos to #1 spot

    Hi there, My Name is Dickson Ton and we would like to increase the Revenue of your business by ranking videos of your company on the first page of google and outrank your competition. This will get you lots of traffic and the best thing is it's FREE TRAFFIC because once the videos are ranked...
  3. vicsb

    How people are getting monetization with WWE videos?

    Hello, I see many established channel who are posting lots of WWE videos everyday and they are monetized channel. WWE got his own channel and all their videos are copyrighted but still people are using their video to make money. Well, I know that you can change the video format, edit a bit...
  4. shimi

    Get Unlimited Facebook,Instagram,YouTube Unique content! Create STUNNING 100 Quotes in 7 seconds!

    Work ONLY on WINDOWS 7 and WINDOWS 10 SPECIAL LAUNCH COUPONS: I create limited number coupons of $15 discount - so get INSTAQUOTE for ONLY 12$ The coupon code is: "insta15" I create limited number coupons of $27 discount - so get INSTAQUOTE + VIDEO BOMBER for ONLY 20$ The coupon code is...
  5. Vagr

    Youtube comment likes in 2018

    Im new to youtube marketing so I have no idea what are the ways to game the system on youtube right now, but is anyone able to give me some pointers on how to make youtube comment likes work? I tried 2 SMM panels, both did not work for me. Tried to like with my own aged PVA accounts both on my...
  6. acerola

    What software is this guy using?

    Hey everyone! It might look as I'm trying to scammy promote this dudes youtube video, but I assure I'm not. I just want ot know what's the animation software he is using (the one with the writing/drawing hand as the words reveal). It's not the first time I see it around and I won't lie, it...
  7. acerola

    Getting the Verified Badge on Youtube

    Hey everyone! Youtube pretty much says that you need 100k followers in order to get verified. I'm still on 30k subs and that little (v/) icon would really help on my advertising through comment positioning (organic traffic babyy). I was just wondering if there are any alternate ways of...
  8. S

    How often should I set Ads on YouTube videos?

    Hi everyone. I have got a channel where are uploaded 10-11 minutes long videos. I have on every video ads in these time period: before video, 1:00, 3:00, 6:00, 9:00, after video. My earnings are low. CPM is 1 USD. Is it possible to change ads time period for every video in order to increase my...
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