youtube commenting

  1. G

    Youtube comment upvoting...

    It seems like all of the panels available either don't work or they do work and then your comment upvotes get taken away shortly after.... Does anyone know of a panel that works and the upvotes don't get deleted? Like a dripfeed style with upvotes from the US? PM me or respond here. I will...
  2. blackhathobo


    Well, another journey I am starting, so I am hoping I can reach some success! Lately, I have been doing a lot better than before BUT still a long way from stable income. However, I am getting signups! So that is helping, keeping me motivated! What is motivating me even more, is that a lot of...
  3. E

    YouTube Genius Tool Review

    Hi people, first of all I want to say that I`m not in any kind of relation with owners of YouTube Genius software and I just wanted to give you some clues and review this tool since I have purchase it 2 days ago. First of all, small price of $30 is more than affordable for anyone and I...
  4. S

    Development YouTube Commenting Tool

    Hello BHW Members! I noticed that youtube commenter/poster tool is being searched by many users so i decided to write such a tool from scratch which in future will have possibility to be developed. At the momeny my youtube commenter supports: -videos ids collector by Keywords -users account...
  5. G

    Best proxies for youtube commenting ?

    Hi Im quite the amateur when it comes to proxies. I have done some research and reading however, but im still not sure what type of proxies are the best for youtube commenting ? I've been looking for a while now for a clear answer so in case this is a stupid question, my apologies... I know...
  6. J

    Hiring Dedicated Youtube Commenter - Long-Term, Serious Offers Only

    I'm looking for a dedicated individual who can regularly post about 60 (subject to increase) comments every 2 hours during the day (from mid-morning to around midnight US time - we will negotiate working hours). You do not have to be on the pc 24/7 obviously, but you must be able to post...
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