youtube commenter

  1. hongnguyen

    YouTube Bot - Increase Views - Comments - Likes - Subscribers for YouTube Videos

    Main features of QniTubeAction Increase YouTube Views: Increase views by loading direct links after watching random video from Home-Page Increase views by Search and find your videos to watch. This will increase your video ranking too Increase views by Playlists Increase Browser Feature Views...
  2. U

    Youtube comment posters needed

    Looking for youtube comment posters. No bot but manual work needs to be done. 1 comment, 2,3 replies from various accounts. 10 cents/per comment. Long term. PM me for more details.
  3. Egon-olsen

    Any good youtube commenter bot?

    Im looking for a youtube bot that can: 1. scrape video URLS 2. comment with multiple accounts 3. reply to upvoted comments 4. repeat Anyone know of any bot that can do this? fuly automated prefered.
  4. H

    Creating Skype YouTube Exchange comment and subscribe Group! Join and increase earnings

    if you want to join from my exchange group !! Add me on Skype : marouanb20 send me a message said : BlackHatWorld
  5. H

    YouTube Comment Blaster

    - Multi Threaded - Commenting (w/ Replies) & Rating - Pure HTTP Requests - Post Comments To Videos Post comments directly to videos to promote your offers or simulate activity. Smart Replies Reply to one of the top comments that will give you maximum visibility. Persistent Commenting The...
  6. L

    Chaddo's Youtube Channel Commenter

    Does anyone have any manual, or know how to operate Chaddo's Youtube Channel Commenter?
  7. L

    looking for a free youtube messenger / id scraper

    hi , im looking for a free/cracked youtube messenger and id scraper. i don't really care about how slow/fast it is as long as it works its good yes i already took a look at the download section.
  8. Joe563

    Utube Beast #1 YouTube Bot - Devour the Competition! FREE 5 Day Trial!

  9. E

    YouTube Genius Tool Review

    Hi people, first of all I want to say that I`m not in any kind of relation with owners of YouTube Genius software and I just wanted to give you some clues and review this tool since I have purchase it 2 days ago. First of all, small price of $30 is more than affordable for anyone and I...
  10. F

    Commenter/Bot with custom list?

    Is there a commenter bot, with custom list? I want to comment only a custom channels, maybe from a word/text/excel file... Is there a commenter software with this funktion out?
  11. F

    youtube account comments

    Hello, i need somebody who can commment given youtube accounts from my own account. I will give you a list of accounts that should be commented. The comments can be completley generic, its not important (but please be not rude - the comments should not be deleted) Please contact me with...
  12. S

    Development YouTube Commenting Tool

    Hello BHW Members! I noticed that youtube commenter/poster tool is being searched by many users so i decided to write such a tool from scratch which in future will have possibility to be developed. At the momeny my youtube commenter supports: -videos ids collector by Keywords -users account...
  13. G

    Best proxies for youtube commenting ?

    Hi Im quite the amateur when it comes to proxies. I have done some research and reading however, but im still not sure what type of proxies are the best for youtube commenting ? I've been looking for a while now for a clear answer so in case this is a stupid question, my apologies... I know...
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