youtube comment

  1. koreanbrokie

    STILL looking for Youtube Custom Comment Bulk Order

    want to order in actual full custom comments & multi urls. ( ordering in once, not seperatly ) none of the panels provide this.. a lot of vids and comments waiting ...
  2. Vasi Ciocan

    How to create such a link? (Youtube Method Comment)

    Hello BHW members! I have a question about this method (Youtube Comment Method) Does anyone know how to create such a link? Is it a subdomain or what?
  3. jskieezz

    Jarvee YouTube

    I've recently started using Jarvee, I tried out the YouTube comment section and filtered it to "Last Hour" on the upload date, but it keeps commenting on popular videos from weeks ago. So I changed it to "Today" and it has the same results. The keyword is "Fortnite" so 100% there is hundreds of...
  4. I


    Good Day, I'm seeking to work with someone who can provide CUSTOM youtube comments from usa with usa names. Pannels welcomed. I've tried 2 services already but still appear to be foreigners . I need about 3+ per video and to be provided one each day. It's a small channel so don't want it to...
  5. T

    YouTube Comment Limit When Performing MANUALLY

    So here’s an interesting one.. I’m actually keen to comment real comments about the actual videos I watch in the hopes that these people from similar genres will return the favour and make genuine social ties with us. Having tried alternative ways to gain fame, I’ve been burnt in the past, but...
  6. northjane

    Looking for YouTube comment bot

    A bot where I can comment on other peoples videos on a specific youtube search, not bots that give me comments. Want one that is updated. Ive seen ones on the marketplace from a few months to a few years ago and i dont know if they still work or not.
  7. B

    [Q] Any good Youtube Comment Scrapper?

    Hi BHW I looking for youtube comment scrapper online. Where i can copy the link of the video and extract/retrive all comments of that specific youtube video. Any recommendation/suggestion plz Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. Joe Coleman

    YouTube comment

    Need some Youtube comment, Hit me up who is interested.
  9. V

    How to add link in youtube comments?

    I wanted to know how to add link in a youtube comment? When i try add a link it immediately get disappeared. Please help me with this. I am getting hundreds of likes on my comments but unable add link in the comment. If you help me with this, i will share my strategy to get 100's of likes in...
  10. Donbuffy

    YouTube Auto Commenting Bot

    Been going through the forum and am yet to see anyone say which bot they using to comment, upvote on YouTube, also looking for tutorials on how to do it but can't find any... if you have any idea on auto commenting or bot being used, please comment below. Quite urgent tho... and i believe this...
  11. IMpain

    Youtube Comments Orders Getting Cancelled ?

    I Bought youtube comment service from many sellers as well as bunch of sites like -smmstore, smmglobe, instantpanel, instant-fans and many more but as soon as i buy comments they get cancelled within 5 mins & i made support ticket also but they don't know why is this happening. Random Comments...
  12. M

    Best Youtube Comment Tools 2019?

    Hi, Advance thanks to all. What is the best Youtube Comments Tools in 2019? it could be Software / Script / Bot / Web base service. waiting to hear from You.
  13. K

    Looking For youtube comment bot, Any suggestion? Willing to pay aswell

    Hello, Im looking for youtube bot that are working. And im willing to pay for it Would also love for recommention and suggestion Thanks in advance
  14. G

    Youtube comment upvoting...

    It seems like all of the panels available either don't work or they do work and then your comment upvotes get taken away shortly after.... Does anyone know of a panel that works and the upvotes don't get deleted? Like a dripfeed style with upvotes from the US? PM me or respond here. I will...
  15. ellay

    [FREE] 10 comments to your youtube video/instagram,facebook post

    Hello. We are giving away 10 hand written comments to YouTube video, Instagram post, Facebook post, Twitter tweet or Vk post to every member of BHW. 1) Post in this thread if you are interested 2) Pm me your post link 3) We will add 10 comments (other activity is also possible) Thanks :)
  16. F

    Youtube comments are ghosted, not showing up

    Hello, I have issue on two quite old youtube accounts. I have never spammed comments with these accounts. But my comments are not showing up under my videos from me. Any idea how to fix this? Both of these channels are monetised. One has one strike, but that is it. I am posting 1 or 2 videos per...
  17. T

    Any YouTube Comment scrapers out there?

    guys, can you recommend a YouTube comment scraper?
  18. alice252293

    Are youtube backlinks good?

    I want to gain backlinks from youtube. specifically, I will answer people's question on other's videos. Is that good for my website ranking. Thanks.
  19. T

    Youtube: What's the best social panel or Video exchange site for getting views, comments, and likes

    Hey Guys, What is the best social panel and/or video exchange site for getting views, comments, and likes to your YouTube videos?
  20. V

    I Want to Know How to Rank Youtube comments

    Hi Everyone, I want to know that how can I rank my comments in the top of any youtube video. Please suggest me free and paid methods to do this. I have serious offers from maxbounty which are converting very well. I just need traffic to those offers from youtube comments.
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