youtube comment checker

  1. F

    Youtube comments are ghosted, not showing up

    Hello, I have issue on two quite old youtube accounts. I have never spammed comments with these accounts. But my comments are not showing up under my videos from me. Any idea how to fix this? Both of these channels are monetised. One has one strike, but that is it. I am posting 1 or 2 videos per...
  2. S

    Youtube comments

    hey all i do youtube top comments manually. i am good in it but i just want to know the web proxy that can show youtube video top comments. ... i knew various but no web proxy is loading the comments. thanks
  3. blackma

    Can Anybody Explain This!!?

    Ever watched a YouTube Video in your spare time and took notice of how angry people are to one another in the comments section? This is bizarre. 9 times outta 10 people just harrass eachother and use vulgar language. I mean, all these people share the same interest so why can't they get...
  4. kimkils

    {GET} YouTube Comment Checker 1.5

    I see so many people spamming !#&$ing movie videos on YouTube, and putting like 5 comments on each video, if this carries on, YT are going to come down hard and get pissed off even more. Be sensible, only have one comment on each video guys, this will make it easier for you. It's slow but it...
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