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  1. codeman1234

    Can you make a Tiktok account for your Youtube channel?

    Hi there, Is is fine on Youtube for you to create same channel on Tiktok and link them together or it does go against their terms? Would that affect monetization or can I monetize both? Has anyone done it? Thanks,
  2. V

    How to Leverage a Niche Marketing YouTube Channel?

    I have questions about how to do SEO for my youtube channel about digital marketing and grow with youtube's own algorithms
  3. razharov

    10 years old+ YouTube account

    Hello guys, I wanna start a YouTube channel with documentaries about Europe, and I have a few questions. I have a 10 year old YouTube channel with 7k subs, but these are all fake, paid subs that I bought like 8 years ago, and ever since then it wasn't dropped. The Chanel had no videos, but its...
  4. MessyWile

    My channel with 270k subs got demonetized. What should i do?

    I created this channel 9 years ago. First 6 years I posted motivational videos and I had monetization on. I used scenes from movies and speeches from public figures. Then youtube in 2019 turns off monetization on my channel. Then I paid for stock footage and hire some people on fiver to create...
  5. Elchavo

    Start Cash Cow Channels OR Brand Channels - Buy YouTube Monetized Channels - Earn Money With YouTube

    Are you upset that your youtube channel is not approved? OR Just want to start monetization open channel ? For this reason monetized channels only JUST 170$ : Youtube cashcow channels and montized chanls with adsense account You can earn lots of money and create a cash cow...
  6. rifirityy1

    Channel niche

    Hey guys I have a question about channel niche I started a channel 3 month ago used to upload shorts from tiktok after editing them I got around 5k subs I have deleted all the video's and make new one and bought watch hours after a month it got monitazed till here there no problem After that I...
  7. Mr Positive

    YtPro & Mr Positive | ⭐️ DFY Faceless YouTube Videos⭐️| ✅ Professional Keyword Research✅| ❤️Attractive Thumbnails❤️|⚡️ Engaging Script W...

    Team: @YTPro & @Mr Positive TAT: 21 Days From Ordering. Contact us: Payment Options: BTC, Payoneer, PayPal, Wise.
  8. AmeliaLily

    I am starting YouTube channel with Audio Spectrum meked videos .any suggestion For me ?

    I am starting YouTube channel with Audio Spectrum meked videos .any suggestion For me ?
  9. FreeMan228

    Get monetization approved

    Hello guys, I'm on my way to reach threshold 1k subs and apply for monetization. The thing is I upload best moments from other peoples podcasts and etc. So I suppose that chances to get approval are quite low. Any tips from you guys what can I do to get my account approved? I would really...
  10. sanrox

    YouTube Channel Demonetized

    Hi all, My channels has been demonetized due to duplication.Channel had 100k + Subscribers and 120k daily views. All are real subscribers and views. No any community or copyrights strikes It's related to gossip channel.Contents are created from images ( slideshow videos.) Now youtube says, I...
  11. Sofiensniper

    Grow a youtube Channel

    Hello BHW MEMBERS , first of all sorry for my bad English I'm runnig a youtube channel a month a go now but i didn't get any good results yet That's why im looking for Some tips to get more subscribers and views My Stat : 550 Views 29 Sub After one month :( Any ideas guys ???
  12. Random Rank

    Social Sites Verified Facebook, Twitter, Youtube Accounts Complete Profile Design with PSD

    Social Media Sites Verified Approved Accounts Requirements: Website URL, Profile User Name Email Address & PayPal Transaction ID For More Details: [email protected] TAT: 2 ? 8 working days Reporting You will receive a Social Sites Verified Approved Accounts (Username & Password) PSD...
  13. Madruga

    Heads up for those with YT channels set on hidden!

    In case you have YouTube accounts for whatsoever reason, set on hidden, you need to make them public until the end of this month, or else you will lose 'em. There were a few reasons for why some used to put their channels on hidden, but that's another story. So, 2 more days left! This way I...
  14. adam omar

    how to customize my youtube video like those !!

    i always wondering how they customize there channel , sometimes think that they are premium users , is it right??? they put...
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