youtube business

  1. Y

    The right way to invest in Youtube?

    Hello, fellas! I'm willing to invest around $2000 into the Youtube channel and as you know start to earn immediately, but there are a few things I wonder about. I'll skip all of the not necessary details about the channel, type of content and etc. My question is about buying the exact channel...
  2. P

    My intro from Germany

    Hey guys, Shout out to BHW and all of you in this forum. I am living in Germany and looking to become a great online entrepreneur. Like helping and contribute to others' lives because I believe together we are stronger and can go further. I am actually in the youtube niche to make money by...
  3. acerola

    Getting the Verified Badge on Youtube

    Hey everyone! Youtube pretty much says that you need 100k followers in order to get verified. I'm still on 30k subs and that little (v/) icon would really help on my advertising through comment positioning (organic traffic babyy). I was just wondering if there are any alternate ways of...