youtube banning

  1. P

    peafowls tail and a question about have Multiple(serious a lot) YT Channels

    do you know in Greek mythology, the origin of the "eyes" adorning peacock feathers springs from Indeed, there are many eyes in the contemporaneous realms of the Internet. Lately, I've been devoting a substantial amount of time studying the capture and capitalization of attention. Of all my...
  2. F

    Youtube keeps BANning me after Adding ADSENSE

    Is any way of coming back from this? screen of youtube email: I have few other channels partnered with MCNs and they are running without any problem. Few other accounts which are fine, because they are not monetized via youtube. But every time, when I create channel...
  3. J

    YouTube Comment/Liking Rules or Guidelines

    Hi guys, I've been doing this technique to advertise my product by finding videos in my niche and then placing one comment on the video with my domain name in the comment. Then I use my other youtube accounts to "like" the comment so it becomes a top comment that stays up. Here's my...
  4. spsfinest

    Fuck YT Banned My Favorite Account

    This account was my first YT account before I even started marketing so I had tons of videos on my favorite's and a bunch of channel subscriptions from like 2 years ago. I just started putting up videos for music and some sexy videos like 2 months ago. Now I try to get on and they say I violated...
  5. pwntribe

    How to keep Youtube from banning my videos/accounts?

    Starting last night videos on 3 of my accounts were banned, two accounts were suspending. Each of these accounts only had 5-10 videos, with a link in the description to my landing page, and about 20-30 adult oriented tags. I was wondering if any of you had this issue, and what you did to...
  6. S

    YouTube Suspension. Help

    I have uploaded a 30 sec short movie with a thumbnail of a movie and after that, a message where i stated, that youtube does not allow me to post the movie on their site, and they can follow the link in the description to see the movie. Others have same kind of videos but they are still there...
  7. T

    Youtube banning

    Hi I've been posting videos on youtube for about 2 weeks now doing 10 vids a day per account. This has been going towards a films site fgateway method. However, i have noticed recently that im being banned straight after my videos have been uplaoded. I clear my pc of cookies before logging in...
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