youtube automator

  1. Ankith K Shetty

    How to create Youtube Channel on Autopilot?

    Hi I have heard of people using RSS and automation tools like zapier, ifttt etc and do a youtube channel which run on auto pilot. Can anyone help me with this? It would be great if you share some good thread or post related to this. Thanks
  2. V

    YouTube Software, send 680 friend request a day

    target your audience, scrape the usernames, then do a friend request. I have 3 accounts and send 2000+ friend request a day can send new request every 30sec-60sec I added 6500 friends in 3 weeks on my main account over 5000 views on some of my top videos added in last 2 weeks
  3. R

    youtube views.

    How to increase youtube views... is there any specific method to make it..
  4. J

    What YouTube Software Do You Use?

    Hi everyone, I have recently started using youtube a bit more and need some software to automate the processes a bit... What things does everyone use? Ideally I need a working bulk uploader, comment poster/ auto viewer, and maybe a friend adder just to give my videos a head start. All replies...
  5. R

    Not impressed with Youtube Automator

    A few members have praised this software. Here's what I've found. So far I?m not impressed with Youtube Automator though I haven?t fully utilized it. With a proxy I?ve created 100 emails enmass through one of my domains to create Youtube accounts (which is what was suggested by Youtube...
  6. easymlmpro

    $15-$20K/mo residual. Network Marketing Team Needs Help

    My first post in this forum so I hope it is appropriate. There is a lot of scary talent in here :-) We are a group of successful network marketers looking for technical assistance with driving targeted traffic to numerous websites of our team members. Other planned activities: Boost...
  7. G

    Unbelievable "youtube automator" rip off sites!!!!!!!!

    Those guys are bloody greedy........... For almost 450K views, they charge US$450 considering it's EACH video where Youtube Automator is UNLIMITED! Hm....I ponder how they do it? I am assuming they are actually using the...
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