youtube automation

  1. zotix

    Any advice on automation / structured writing of Youtube scripts?

    Dear Community, I have a monetized YouTube channel with a Focus on AI. It is a Faceless Chanel, which uses TTS for Voice and video Footage from Envato, which are then made by my cutter - and before all of that, I put a lot of work into research, structuring, writing each script with CHATGPT-4...
  2. K

    Youtube automation ?

    Hello, Is there any way to automate youtube publishings, by taking long podcasts extract shorts and post them automatically on YouTube or other social media
  3. rocketpr

    Looking for Faceless Video Creation Experts & Thumbnail Designers. NO AI!

    I'm looking for some Faceless Video Creation Experts & Thumbnail Designers for a few Youtube Automation Channels. For Faceless Videos; Looking to pay around $25-$35 per 4-8 minute video. I don't care if you use AI for the script. NO AI FOR VOICEOVER NO AI FOR VIDEO EDITING I will watch...
  4. zotix

    Starting again with Monitzed Youtube Channel and Adsense after 3 Month

    Dear BHW Community, Status Quo: I have a monetized YouTube account with 3.5k followers, and videos through SMM Panels rank higher. I often used Google Adwords campaigns and other methods to grow. I have about 7-8 Videos. The Channel is about Artificial Intelligence (Broad): Then -> Smaller...
  5. LeviAckkerman

    [JOURNEY] - YouTube Automation - DOCUMENTATION

    Hi there, Ackkerman here -> This is the most SERIOUS side hustle I have ever done. I invested the most money here. It's pretty simple - YTA (YouTube Automation) - I basically hired some freelancers, I made a team ( VO, Script Writer, TB designer, VE) and they are creating the videos I suggest...
  6. H

    How to make money by publishing freestyle rap compilations on Youtube?

    Me and my friend are really passionate about freestyle rapping. So, we want to create freestyle rap compilations and other related stuff to youtube. Probably gonna launch a website around this niche. Because these original videos are created by others, there is no possibility to use Youtube...
  7. Deuris

    [METHOD] How To Make Unlimited Content for Your Automated Youtube Channel

    Hey, friends Today I've decided to tell you about how you can easily create an automated YouTube channel and generate videos in just a few minutes. I am not sure if someone already selling this method as a guide, I just want to contribute to BHW and reveal my own way of creating content for...
  8. Relic480

    Automated YouTube Success: Our Team Builds and Runs Your Channel - Get Started Today! Let Us Build and Optimize Your Faceless YouTube Ch...

    Refund Policy At Youtube Startup Automation, we value our customers and want to ensure that you are satisfied with our services. We understand that there may be situations where you need to request a refund, and we have put in place a clear and fair refund policy to accommodate such requests...
  9. K

    3 Youtube Tools That Could Ease Your Workload And Grow Your Account

    There are a few youtube tools that can help you grow your youtube account by easing the workload for you. Below are three such tools. 1. TubeAssistPro TubeAssistPro is a multi-account service tool for youtube. It is solely focused on managing your youtube account. Which they achieve by liking...
  10. Lczq

    Youtube - Help needed! Does number of YT accounts affect my organic reach and views?

    Hi, I have a few questions: 1. Does number of YT accounts affect my organic reach and views? - I have like 5 YT accounts logged in on my PC 2. Will Youtube monetize a channel with crappy-sounding AI voiceover (TTS)? 3. If I post Videos from Europe will my videos reach the US or its like only...
  11. Slippers

    What's your favorite text to video software?

    I have a new idea for a YouTube channel and need something that converts text to video with AI voice over, stock footage and text overlays. My shortlist so far: InVideo Pictory (I like this one for the pricing and all the extra tools you get) Which ones are you using and why?
  12. Jeronimo034

    YouTube Automation - Does it work?

    Hi guys, I m thinking to start YouTube Automation channel, but I wondering is it work? When I made research I saw a lot of copyrighted content on channels that are based on YouTube Automation method, so I wondering is it allowed to use that videos? They all wrote that is "fair use" but is it? If...
  13. B

    +95% Automated YouTube + TikTok Journey Using Python & AI

    I've been spending a bunch of time growing tiktok profiles and YT channels focusing on shorts recently. About 3 weeks ago it hit me that my video style could be automated so I paid a developer to code a prototype. About 2 weeks ago I realized I should use OpenAI to help with variations and...
  14. A


    Hello everyone, new here and want everything I post to bring value. ChatGPT may tell you it cannot perform that function. Ask ChatGPT "What is Spintax code" or " what is spin syntax" then ask it to "recreate and ad 3-5 lines of spin syntax code per sentence". It is almost like importing...
  15. S

    A question for YouTube experts

    Hey guys! I started my Cash Cow journey back in september this year. Things are going pretty good, averaging around 2k views per video which is just alright for someone who's beginning However, I got a question. My channel is a pre-monetized one, with botted views (only for the first 4 videos...

    Youtube Cash Cow Channel / Youtube automation Channel

    Hi friends, 1 month ago I started a Cash Cow Channel (youtube automation Channel) in the Top 10/ Luxury, cars, yachts, celebrities, Elon Musk, rich people, etc niche. I bought everything from Upwork, as it has the cheapest workers in my opinion. I paid 15$ for a 1500k words script (10 minutes)...
  17. MadsDK

    Faceless channel ideas?

    Do you have any faceless YouTube channel ideas that rarely get mentioned?
  18. S

    How to get more impressions on youtube?

    Hello everyone! Started my youtube automation journey last month, uploaded 11 videos so far, got 180 organic views in total (90% from search) I got a team of experienced people that have worked in my niche before, and I can say that my videos are in much higher quality than other competitors...
  19. MrSponge

    [Method] ✅ Take Over YouTube With NEWS FLASH Channels ➡️ Don't Miss Out On This NEW TREND ⬅️ | CLAIM FREE YT AUTOMATION WORKPLACE

    >> BUY WITH CARD << >> BUY WITH CRYPTO << Price: $100 $80 Skype: live:.cid.4fd7f02f3c4e3c27 Refund Policy: As this is a digital product there will be no refunds, please be mindful when purchasing.
  20. Huziplex


    Please suggest me youtube automation courses (paid ones) and where to get them for free.
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