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  1. Eholic

    Campaign Daily Budget Spend Between Ad Groups

    Hello, The below question applies to Bing Ads (mainly), Google Ads and YouTube Ads. When setting the campaign's daily budget spend, (for example $5/day) how does this budget usually get spent between ad groups? I am thinking of doing 2 or 3 ad groups maximum for this campaign. Let me know...
  2. Eholic

    Custom Affinity Audience - Setting up Youtube Campaign

    Hello, I have completed adding my keyword interests into the Custom Affinity Audience (for setting up my Youtube Campaign) When I clicked create, a red notice came up (undernearth the field where keywords are entered) saying : "The keyword of interest or website URL already exists". I have...
  3. Eholic

    YouTube Skippable video ads

    Hello, What is the total length of the Skippable Youtube video ads? (the ones that play before, during and after the video and you can choose to skip after 5 seconds). I have an ad prepared at 2:12, but I am not sure if I am dreaming or if I have really seen it somewhere that they can be...
  4. Eholic

    Google Adwords - Advertising on Google and Youtube

    Hello, Can I advertise on Google and Youtube under 1 budget? Also, does the daily budget ad spend depend on how many people I can reach daily? ( I am guessing it works similar to Facebook?) Final question, which is better in terms of reaching as many people and is more visual Google ads or...
  5. N

    Youtube subscribers

    I want same subscrbers in youtube i have 100$ how many subscribers i can get from Usa - uk - newziland - australia ? And what best place to to advertise
  6. llandrew

    ELITE eCommerce Mastermind Group

    Are you an eComm business owner killing it online making at least $15,000+/mo.? Do you wish you could chat other elite online eComm business owners who are also doing extremely well? Well, you're not alone! I'm looking to put together an elite eComm mastermind group together of other website...
  7. thakarpratik

    Want to do paid advertising on YouTube for a video - setting up campaign but stuck - help

    Hi all I am setting a up paid advertising campaign on Youtube for a Video- but it is asking the following question and i got confused Send users who click my ad To my YouTube channel Grow an audience on YouTube by increasing my video views, shares, and subscribers. To my website...
  8. pulkitseo

    how much money can I make if I have 6000 visits per month

    how much money can I make if I have 6000 visits per month and how much can i earn if I increase this number to 60000.. i just need a vague idea
  9. pulkitseo

    please help in adsence account

    I have one blog for which i has applied for adsence account two years back it was disapproved.. i have youtube channel that have 6000 visits per how to i apply for adsence account from same email id..individually for youtube ? Thanks and regards
  10. S

    [Youtube] Need a small help to complete my journey!

    Hello everyone! Like many people here, I have been hunting a bot for a long time, which provides youtube views on a large number of videos. But after all the efforts, all I got was vagex, SYV etc etc. I had a look at fiverr and I was amazed to see that people are providing over 10k views for $5...
  11. Y

    YouTube Advertising

    will advertise your webpage link on my youtube account which have 100K+ video views only have to pay one time (12$) will post the link forever on my channel :cool:
  12. R

    Monetize my video on Youtube **URGENT**

    Hi, I have recently uploaded a video to Youtube.... Now visit count is 300K ..I'm sure that its gonna hit 1 million easily... can anyone suggest me how I could monetize that.. Currently I am driving traffic from there to my sites.. But not so effective.. It would be helpful if you can...
  13. J

    YTA Proxy Question

    Hey, This may be a noob question to some of you, but for me this is new stuff... I'm planning on only using Youtube Advertiser for commenting, liking videos, and sending messages- and I have 1.3k Youtube accounts to assist me. Do I need many proxies? If so, where could I get quality ones...
  14. blackma

    YouTube Keyword Suggestion tool down!!!?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if ye could me out? Could you please go to Youtube's keyword tool site and check to see if he buttons are working? It's not for me! The buttons won't "click"! Here is the link: Thanks in advance! blackma :)
  15. R

    What happen to Youtube Advertiser?

    their server is down what happen?