1. Queen Heidi


    Hey guys ; Mine will be - 1.Adventurous 2.Friendly 3.Loyal Now yours ,,,,,? with a smile -QUEEN HEIDI : )
  2. Josh Saga

    We're no strangers to love

    You know the rules and so do I.
  3. Queen Heidi

    What is the biggest lie you said to your love ??

    What is the biggest lie you said to your love and how it ended ? Did telling a lie to make a person happy is good or bad ?
  4. Queen Heidi

    What is your biggest achievement ???

    Hello emperors ...hope you all doing good . Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today. I'm here to ask about your achievements you did in your life .. how the impact was ? And what you sacrificed for the same ? Also those who are working towards your dream like me ;):p? what is...
  5. KJREDDY247@

    What Are You Most SCARED / AFRAID Of?

    What Are You Most SCARED / AFRAID Of? other than god and ghost
  6. Young Stone

    Young Stone the Young Entepreneur from Sweden

    Hello Black Hat Word, I'm Young Stone which might be a quite peculiar name. At the time of creating it I wanted it to give a hint that I am Young and a stoner. But not only am I a stoner, I am an entrepreneur working "full time" from home, managing two Shopify stores, two discord moneymaking...
  7. E


    Hey! I need a viewbot for It is a live broadcast website. How it works: When you get on the site you need an account to watch. I will make accounts and will need proxies for it. So on the bot I need it to have account:proxy. So each account watches. If you have any other idea for...
  8. E

    YouNow Viewbot (Easy bot!)

    Tired of hiring inexperienced coders who have no clue what they're doing. Looking for a Younow viewbot (NOT YOUTUBE) the site is I only need up to 50 viewers nothing difficult. I will pay a reasonable price for the job. Message me if you can do this, IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT IT IS DO...
  9. M

    how to make 5$ daily in youtube plz help

    Can any one help me how to make 5$ daily in youtube plz tell me the method to make 5$ daily in YouTube..
  10. BoostMedia

    Looking for Fasr YouTube Likes supplier

    Looking someone who can provide YouTube Likes Fast. I have daily orders and ready to pay $4 per k. Supplier must be able to provide at least 4k-10k likes per video.
  11. catwithhat

    Can someone code cool Instagram tool for me? I think it could be really useful...

    Someone please code a simple tool for me. Tool going to: 1. determine the age of account according to first picture (it's not totally reliable, but theres no other way, right?). 2. look how many followers account have. 3. calculate engagement. 4. pull data from Socialblade... 5. show data for...